Find a New York Medical Marijuana Doctor Using Our Map

Since its launch in January 2016, the New York State Medical Marijuana Program has certified only 18,128 patients, or 0.09% of the state’s 20 million residents. By contrast, Maine, with 1.3 million people, has more than 50,000 medical marijuana patients, or about four percent of the state’s residents.

One of the (many) reasons: It is exceedingly difficult to find a doctor in New York State who’s qualified to recommend medical cannabis. That’s because the New York State Department of Health has refused to release the names of medical professionals registered in the New York State Medical Marijuana Program.

That changed last week when the Health Department released the names of 315 doctors in the program. That’s not the complete list; more than 1,000 doctors are qualified, but less than one-third of them agreed to be publicly identified by the state. reported that state officials claim they’re prohibited from identifying MMJ providers without their consent. That’s forced patients to find doctors by word of mouth or cold-call clinics in hopes of finding one. Until now. Using Tableau software, we geolocated them on this map: