Canada’s first legal 4/20! #findyour420

Canada celebrates legal 4/20

Good times ahead

Top 20 ways to #findyour420

Donut mistake this for a pub crawl. Go savour your city’s best sweets.
Wake, bake, hike. A crowd-favourite way to seize the day.
Go thrifting for costumes, then park your gang at karaoke. Thrifted, lifted, sing like you’re gifted.
Put on golf-y threads, get a plastic club, and tee up the town. Wiffle balls and spliffs for all.
Get up and get down with the legendary anthems of reggae’s Rastafari.
Set up home glamping and binge your shows from the cozy nook.
Remember real cameras? Get a disposable one, make an idea list, and go for a photo walk.
Improve your cat-cow by adding a baby goat. Yes, it’s really a thing.
Flick, snacks, repeat. Pairs well with snack champ below.
The best day for infused baking! Highly recommend.
Walk, play, sit, stay with the one who loves you the most.
Plan for an extra-long tub time and bring sparkling water to drink, too.
flower flight
Like a wine flight, but higher. Cleanse your palate with charcuterie.
Improve dinner, infuse the sauce. Feel fabulous doing dishes (or leave those for tomorrow).
Find you & yours a cozy spot to lie on a blanket and enjoy a nice haze with a clear sky.
DIY infused lube to enhance sensations for a party of two, just you, or any way you choose.
Grab a basic oil set and figure out what those trees are always smiling about.
Uplift your evening with Tangerine Dream, facemasks, and friends.
Host a cook-off with a secret ingredient and a not-so-secret one.
You make the best nachos? Pizza? Guac? Prove it.


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