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10 Ways to Infuse Your Thanksgiving Leftovers With Cannabis

November 26, 2014

One of the best things about Thanksgiving: the leftovers. This year, with the increasing prevalence of cannabis in the kitchen and availability of infused mediums, we’re especially looking forward to cannabis-infused leftovers. We hope these 10 infusion ideas can inspire you to play around with your own creations — just be mindful of dosing! If you don’t have an infused medium on hand already, don’t panic! There are simple, straightforward ways to prepare cannabis oil, butter, or milk — even tea and granola — depending on your dish and leftover situation. If that still scares you, products like Magical Butter take care of the process for you. Now, let’s talk leftovers.


It’s all you’re eating for the next two weeks, along with everyone else you know, and you’re loving every second of it.

  1. Turkey sandwich. Mix a dose of cannabis oil in with your spread of choice, like mayo or mustard.
  2. Turkey salad. Drizzle with a dose of cannabis oil and your favorite vinaigrette.


Cranberry Sauce

What to do with all of this cranberry sauce? The last time you thought about cranberry sauce was 365 days ago when you asked yourself the exact same question.

  1. Cranberry toast. Spread on a dose of infused butter and layer on top your leftover cranberry sauce. Enjoy with your cup of coffee for a delectable pair.
  2. Cranberry panini. Spread a dose of infused butter on the outside of your prepared sandwich (perhaps with turkey and brie) and grill up at a low temp.
  3. Cranberry smoothie. Add a dose of infused milk to your cranberry smoothie before blending. Flavor with orange, banana, vanilla, and cinnamon for a lighter take, or raspberry, raw cacao (or chocolate sauce), and hemp hearts for a richer drink.
  4. Cranberry yogurt and granola. Mix a dose of infused granola into yogurt, blended with cranberry sauce – quick and easy.


Butter Me Up, Maryjane

Infused butter is particularly useful for leftovers, in part perhaps because most things taste better with butter. Nevertheless, easy and effective it is, transforming even the saddest biscuits into a delectable experience.

  1. Mashed potatoes. The easiest of them all. Heat your serving of left over mashed potatoes and then mix in your dose of infused butter.
  2. Biscuits and gravy. Repurpose your leftover biscuits with infused gravy, using infused butter or milk, for a satisfying breakfast buzz.
  3. Stuffing hash. Crisp up your leftover stuffing over low heat in a pan with either infused oil or butter.
  4. Pie with whipped cream. If pie did in fact outlast the day-of feast, blend a dose of melted cannabis butter in with your whipped cream topping for an extra treat.

Photo Credits: ChristmasStockImages, Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay