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Canadian Cannabis Products for Different Types of Sex

February 12, 2019

“What’s the best weed to have amazing sex with?” It’s a question that I get asked, often. 

As a former sexual health coach and owner of a cannabis sexual health company called Pleasure Peaks—I know that there’s lots to consider when it comes to incorporating cannabis into your sex life.

Like sex, choosing the right strain can be highly personal experience. Luckily, there is so much variety in strain genetics—there’s literally a perfect strain for every occasion. Just keep in mind we all have an endocannabinoid system in our body that’s as just as unique as a fingerprint, which is why you may have consumed cannabis with friends and have had completely different experiences.

Here as some key points to consider before play;

  • What Kind of Sex?: Solo session? Sexy Date Night?
  • Method of Consumption: Smoking will have the fastest onset effect whereas an edible can take as long as 1hr – 1 1/2hr to kick in, and infused massages offer localized benefits.
  • Strain Choice: Does it reflect your desired outcome? Does the genetics work well with you and/or your partner, AKA are you compatible?

If this your first time combining cannabis and sex, savour the beautiful experience by taste-testing different strains to find the ones that work best for you!

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of my personal favourites and why I think they make the best matches! Enjoy xo.

For Well-Deserved Solo Play:

A Strain That’s High in Myrcene

Cannabis is great for all sorts of sex but especially yummy for solo sex because it can keep worries and anxieties far away to give into our orgasms—especially for women.

Looking for the perfect strain to explore your sensual side? I’ve found that strains high in myrcene can create a warm body high perfect for creating intimacy within oneself and can help to unleash creativity, set the mood for understanding your wants and needs within the bedroom, and the initiative to act on those desires.

What to try: Try Red from Fireside, a hybrid strain boasting 11-18% THC and 0-1% CBD and packed with myrcene and complimenting terpenes including terpineol and beta-caryophyllene.

CBD vs. THC for Sex: What’s the Difference?

For Morning Sex:

A Balanced CBD/THC Strain

Start your day on a high note with a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio for complete balance and tranquility. Morning sex is fun and perfectly paired with a CBD strain for energizing as well as uplifting properties so you can go about your day like a boss that you are. You got this!

Photo by Jesse Milns for Leafly

What to try: Ease from Tokyo Smoke, a strain ranging in 6-11% THC and 8-12% CBD along with dominant terpenes like potentially stress-reducing limonene, and linalool which offers potential therapeutic benefits such as anti-anxiety.

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For Taking it Slow:

A CBD-Rich Indica

Indicas have a reputation for their in-da-couch vibes which can be channeled for slower lovemaking sessions. Compliment that relaxed glow by choosing a strain that’s also high in CBD to provide extra mental stimulation and uplifting properties to help build intimacy and fantasies.

What to try: Palm Tree CBD from LBS smells DE-LISH and packs 4-13% THC and 6- 12% CBD. This strain offers a potpourri of terpenes including alpha-pinene, eudesmols, guaiol, myrcene, and trimethyl pentanediol.

When to Integrate CBD Into Your Sex Life

For Sensual Massage:

An Intimate Spray

Using topicals are great as they offer localized effects that are perfect for sensual massages, this is also especially good when trying to compromise with a partner who may not consume cannabis for the psychoactive high. Consent and respecting barriers is sexy.

What to try: Fleur de Lune from Hexo is a novel way to soak up some sexy time. Available in a spray format, this fun-to-apply oil contains an average of 240 mg of THC per bottle.

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For Kinky and Creative Play:

A Zesty Sativa Strain

Let’s get it on! A heavy sativa-dominant strain might just hit the spot when you want the energy to go right at it… and for a while. Choose a sativa to coax out your adventurous side and the stamina to reach peak pleasure. Highly recommended for fun sexual encounters, daytime sex, and trying out new positions or toys in the bedroom. Have fun!

What to try: Lemon Skunk, available from DNA Genetics, ranges from 13-22% THC and 0-1% CBD. Perfect for spicing up your sex life, expect peppery citrus notes that are owed to terpenes like bergamotene, beta-pinene, para-cymenene, terpinolene, and trans-caryophyllene.

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Antuanette Gomez

Antuanette is an International Speaker and Cannabis Business Maven. She is the Founder + CEO of Pleasure Peaks, a Medical Cannabis company focusing on Women’s Sexual Health. She is also the former Director of the Toronto Woman Grow Market and mentors many startups in the emerging cannabis industry in Canada within the legal framework. Her passion and love for uplifting women shows in her everyday life.

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