Best Buds, Episode 3: Things to Do in Seattle While High

Best Buds Episode 3: Seattle, Washington

In our third installment of the Leafly original series Best Buds, Chris and Brian head to the Evergreen State a few years after marijuana legalization to experience some of the best things to do in Seattle while high. They begin their day at Stash Pot Stop in the Ballard neighborhood, where they stock up on high-quality recreational cannabis. After that, they go on a whirlwind adventure involving paddle boards, boat locks, Westward Restaurant, and a seaplane ride before they meet up with Porter Ray for a smoke session.



Did you miss the first two episodes of Best Buds? Catch up on them now! In our first installment, Chris and Brian travel to Aspen Canyon, Colorado to visit a cannabis ranch, stop at a Native Roots dispensary, smoke fat joints in a hot tub with a bowl of chips, eat an infused apple-cherry pie, go fly fishing for the first time, try their hand at skeet shooting, and meet a goat named Geoff.



In episode 2 of Best Buds, Chris and Brian head west to experience the best things to do in Oregon while high. They kick off their adventure at Bend, Oregon dispensary Oregrown, meet up with Madison Louch and her friend Devin to take a leisurely float on the Deschutes river, pedal down the street on a Cycle Pub, and get high (up in the air) in a giant hot air balloon.