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Video: How to make a cannabis-infused popcorn mix

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Presented ByTantalus Labs October 23, 2019

Infusing cannabis is a great cooking method that’s easier than ever for at-home weed cooks.

Whether looking to unwind after a long day or host a friends gathering on the weekend, canna-culinary is no longer exclusionary.

Tantalus Labs has teamed up with Kayla Mann of Valens Groworks, to show us an easy way to elevate your evening in with this infused popcorn mix.

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To make the infused butter in Levo’s oil infuser, she’s using Tantalus Labs’ Harlequin strain consisting of 5% THC and 8% CBD for a balanced blend that aids in relaxation. Cuddle sesh anyone?

Dosing homemade cannabis edibles: Why it’s nearly impossible to calculate potency

Although Levo has made the infusion process foolproof, the biggest challenge is ensuring you’re serving up an even dosage once dispensed. Here are a few tips to minimize any discrepancies (for those of us that eat it by the handful):

  • Measure the infused butter carefully, portioning out the exact amount for your recipe into a separate bowl.
  • Instead of dumping the mixture in one concentrated area, distribute evenly across the top of the popcorn.
  • Give popcorn mix a thorough toss to ensure pieces are evenly coated—don’t be afraid to really shake things up!

And for you heavy-handed butterers out there, ensure any extra sauce added is from a separate, non-infused batch. What’s your popcorn topper of choice? Let us know in the comments!

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