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Leafly’s 4/20 Roundup

April 21, 2016

Happy 4/20, internets! As the cannabis community gets its unofficial holiday kicked off, we’re plugging into the hive mind to bring you the latest and greatest 4/20 happenings from around the world.

Where to start? If you’re looking for something to do today, check out our events calendar to find something near you. We’ve also put together city-specific guides for consumers and patients in legal states, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

As the day goes on, Leafly staff will be updating this page with highlights of 4/20 events, how celebrities and others are enjoying themselves, and anything else good that wanders along. (Find something good? Tweet at editor Ben Adlin.)

Let us know how you’re celebrating the holiday! Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



OK, everyone, enjoy your evening! Thanks for spending 4/20 with us. Off to Leafly's Night of Higher Entertainment. Maybe we'll see you there!


#Happy420! ???? Tag a friend and pass the joint. ???? #cannabis

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Happy 4/20 from the Denver Police Department.

The Best Things to Do in Colorado for 4/20


Canadian cannabis advocate Jodie Emery reminds us how beautiful Vancouver is. We like her.

Canada Will Bring Legalization Measure in Early 2017


People are losing their minds over Ben & Jerry's BRRR-ito. Sure, it's a play on tired stoner stereotypes, but it also looks AMAAAAZINGGG.


Pittsburg Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell got some, uh, coincidental news today. Hope your day's going better.

 Kings of Pain: Watching a Broncos Game with Ex-NFL Player Nate Jackson Will Lay You Out


One way to do your 4/20 advertising: Hire a skywriter to write your name in clouds. (It says: Get freshly baked at

Pax skywriting above New York


Perhaps the best 4/20 rumor ever: Limp Bizkit is playing a secret show at a Dayton, Ohio, gas station. It's happening tonight. Except no, it's not


Slate decided today would be the right time to drop this big piece on "organic" cannabis. It's a good story, but it's likely to get lost in the flurry. Save it and read it tomorrow.

 The Best Things to Do in Portland for 4/20


Wired is wondering: Do we even need 4/20 anymore? (For a few reasons we might, check out our interview with David Bienenstock, author of How To Smoke Pot (Properly).)

Pace Yourself: Ten Expert Tips on Enjoying 4/20


Lunchtime. Our local sandwich place is offering a 4/20 special. Happy holiday, Salumi!

4/20 special at Salumi Cured Meats


The Onion put out a timeline of cannabis legalization. It's as good as you think it'll be.


Tommy Chong stopped by L.A.'s grooviest radio station. He even played some tunes.

The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles for 4/20


Trying to consume in New York? Gawker put up some public-service journalism for 4/20.


You've seen Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" series? Here's a version for today.


Leafly employees are real people, too. (Back at you, Mom!)

The Best Things to Do in Seattle for 4/20


What in the actual heck is going on over at TV Guide?


Happy Pesach! We knew cannabis is kosher, but apparently it's also kosher for Passover.


Neil deGrass Tyson talks cannabis. Need some big ideas to chew on? Nothing like quantum physics and the multiverse to get the ol' brain juices flowing. (Fun fact: Carl Sagan was a cannabis fan.) 


Happy 4/20 from Willie Nelson!


We're just going to leave this right here.


Trying to keep up on international drug policy? The U.N. is trying to get serious business done today at it's biggest global drug policy summit in nearly 20 years. Here's a dispatch from the Washington Office on Latin America, a human rights group.


Nick Offerman, Nick Offerman, Nick Offerman. No word yet from the man himself, but the not-exactly-official @ParksAndRecPics has this gem:


Canada announces timeline for legalization. Here’s a bit of good news to kick off the holiday. Today at the U.N.’s blockbuster drug policy summit, Canadian officials announced federal legislation to legalize cannabis will be introduced in spring 2017. We’ll have a full story up shortly.


Jane West is putting a healthy spin on 4/20. For the founder of Women Grow, the holiday caps off a month of self improvement, hashtagged #FitFor420.


Even PETA’s getting in on the action. They tweeted a delicious looking vegan brownie video. There’s no glimpse or mention of cannabis, but hey, thanks for the “Happy 420!”


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