Oregon is passionate about nature. From the 363 miles of stunning Oregon coast, to Crater Lake National Park and Mount Hood, to the quality of their cannabis. Is it any surprise that Oregon is such a popular destination?

The state features one of the hippest cities in the US: Portland, where a young population is thriving and carving out a world of their own. Portland is known these days for its high quality of life, progressive lifestyle, and beautiful scenery.

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The slogan may be Keep Portland Weird, but it just as easily could be Keep Portland Beautiful, as they certainly strive to do so. Washington Park, for example, features 5-acres of 7,000 rose bushes.

Oregon is a place that values quality. Permissible pesticide limits are the lowest in the country, and accredited cannabis labs test for pesticides, microbiology, potency, residual solvent, and water content. With some of the strictest regulations in the country, it’s not hard to find organically grown cannabis in dispensaries, and Oregonians take pride in this—they’ll tell you that their weed is the best, and with standards so high, it’s hard to argue.

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The perks don’t stop there as Oregon also has fair, low costs, and an impressive variety of products. In addition, adults 21+ are permitted to grow up to four plants per household.

With so much to love, it’s easy to see why Oregon is a top destination for those moving to a legal cannabis state.

Lead image courtesy of Serra