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Watch This: The Classic Key & Peele ‘Obama College Years’ Sketch

Watch This: The Classic Key & Peele ‘Obama College Years’ Sketch

Dante Jordan
May 13, 2017
Watch This: The Classic Key & Peele 'Obama College Years' Sketch
There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about getting high with Barack Obama. Based on who he is as a person, I just feel like it’d be the session of a lifetime. Or it could be the complete opposite, according to this classic Key & Peele sketch of Barack Obama’s college years. If you do your Googles (shoutout to the “Choom Gang
“), you’ll find that the sketch could very well be accurate, which means that my hypothetical session with 44 might actually turn into us slapboxing in the living room.

In this video you’ll see that Jordan Peele depicts Barry O. straight debo-ing
 smokes. I mean, damn, intercepting the joint? Nah, man. Greatest President of All Time or not, disrespecting the rotation is a no-go on this boulevard. We smokers gotta live by a code.

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