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The Hash #18: Dispensary Mythbusting With David Downs

The Hash #18: Dispensary Mythbusting With David Downs

Leafly California Bureau Chief David Downs (Leafly)
Leafly California Bureau Chief David Downs (Leafly)

A record ten US states have legalized adult use of cannabis, but that does not mean voters in those states live with easy access to herb. About 50% of cities and counties in legal states ban cannabis stores. But why?

Over the past few weeks, I dove into this issue with, Bruce Barcott, deputy editor at Leafly, as well as a research team. Last week, we released our findings in a white paper called Debunking Dispensary Myths
, which got picked up by outlets including Rolling Stone, Benzinga, and many others.

In this episode, my co-host Max and I detail what’s actually going on in neighborhoods across the country that sell legal cannabis, and which common assumptions are straight up wrong.

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The Hash, Season 4, Episode 18: David Downs, Leafly California Bureau Chief

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