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The Shake: 4/20 Edition

April 20, 2016

We can’t even begin to encompass all the news that’s breaking on this, the biggest and grandest and most blow-up-iest 4/20 in the history of time and the universe. We’ll just do the best we can, then pick up a couple of Ben & Jerry’s BRRR-itos and listen to some Allman Brothers.

The U.N. works through the holiday. Yes, apparently the world’s business doesn’t stop for 4/20, even when the work at hand involves drug policy. At the United Nations special session on drugs, the day’s biggest news came from the Canadian delegation, which announced that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government would formally introduce its cannabis legalization legislation in the spring of 2017. That’s a bit slower than some would like, but at least it sets the clock ticking. For a good overview of the UN meeting, check out this one-minute video from the Washington Office on Latin America.

The U.N. Already Blasted Legalization and the Conference Just Started

Rep. Earl “Bow Tie” Blumenaur is feeling the love. Veteran Congress member and longtime cannabis legalization advocate Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Portlandia) is getting some splash in the media this week, with Q&As in both your hometown news source and Rolling Stone. After many years fighting the good fight in the lonely wilderness, we’re glad to see the bow-tied battler get his due. 

Go home, Dayton. The Limp Bizkit show ain’t happening. Apparently some joker started a rumor, and a fake Twitter feed, claiming that Limp Bizkit would be putting on a secret show at a Sunoco gas station in Dayton, Ohio, tonight. Except… no. As frontman Fred Durst tweeted yesterday, “NOT TRUE.” Sunoco station employees had to put up a sign on the front door: “The band Limp Bizkit will not be here on Thursday 4/20/2016. This is someones idea of a joke.” Finally the city of Dayton had to issue a statement, because the police had been getting so many calls. “DPD has confirmed with the manager of Sunoco that the event referenced in the flier and Facebook event is fraudulent.” Gawker has the story on the puckish prank.  

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Opioid crisis slows Vermont’s progress on legalization. Despite mounting evidence that medical marijuana and legalized cannabis can help stem America’s opioid crisis, politicians continue to stoke fears about marijuana leading to greater opioid abuse. Today’s New York Times brings news from Vermont, where that state’s legalization bill has encountered resistance from politicians who worry that “sending the wrong signal” on cannabis could worsen the opioid problem. How, exactly? They can’t say, other than circling back to the ephemeral concept of “signals sent.”  

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More pet owners are turning to cannabinoids for their ailing friends, says NBC News. The ASPCA and PETA don’t endorse it, vets can’t prescribe it, but plenty of owners are turning to CBD capsules to bring relief to their hurting dogs and cats. 
Cannabis industry saves Trinidad, Colo. The southern Colorado town, just 11 miles from the New Mexico border, had little tax base until the local cannabis store opened. Then a steady flow of customers from down south (did we mention 11 miles from the state border?) changed their fortunes. Fox31 Denver has the story
Stop worrying about 4/20, folks. Seriously. There’s a micro-industry of people wringing their hands this year about the need for 4/20 now that cannabis is “practically legal everywhere.” First: it’s not. Check with a person of color in Alabama. Or Louisiana. Or Florida. Or Georgia. Or dozens of other states. Second: When did you stop liking fun? Anyway. Here are two arguments against: Emily Dreyfuss in Wired, Joel Warner at IBT. The rest of you: Carry on. 

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