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Weekend Weirdness: “Help Me, 911, I’m Waaaaaay Too High”

October 10, 2015

Police in Ohio responded to a rather interesting 911 call involving a cannabis aficionado who realized he may have overdone it a little. Austintown police visited a man's residence after he dialed 911 and complained he was "too high" after smoking some cannabis. 

When the officers arrived at the scene, they heard the 22-year old man "groaning from a room" and found him "lying on the floor in the fetal position…surrounded by a plethora of Doritos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Chips Ahoy cookies." 

Clearly this young man had his munchies covered, but he forgot to check our list of handy tips for counteracting a too-intense high. Rule #1, dude: DON'T PANIC.

Although the resident claimed he couldn't feel his hands, he declined medical treatment at his home and hasn't been charged for the incident. Good on the police for being lenient instead of, you know, charging him with a felony and ruining his life over a glass jar of cannabis and some paraphernalia. Here's hoping other officers take notice and respond to these types of calls in a similar fashion. For the rest of you cannaseurs out there, try to refrain from calling 911 unless you truly feel you're having a medical emergency (but do make sure to have plenty of snacks on hand). 

8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High

  • Maelui Yumiko

    Wow, this is pretty insane.. lol. That guy must of smoked a 1/4 lbs all to himself that day.. haha. That’s kind of sad that he had so many snacks all around, and he couldn’t calm himself down by eating some cookies? Haha. I’ve only smoked weed a handful of times in my life, and the first time nothing happened, but the second time.. I thought I was going to die, and I only took two hits off the pipe. I was threatening to kill people (I don’t even remember that, but that’s what my sister told me), but I do remember seeing shite that wasn’t real. Like the walls looked like they were breathing, and bleeding a rainbow, I was seeing monsters in the shrubs outside, people’s bodies were changing dramatically, they looked like lava lamp wax, their heads would be small, and their bodies would be big, and fat, and then their bodies would look really small, and their heads would get huge, and I was SOOO paranoid, it was awful. I already have anxiety, and it made my anxiety 100 times worse. I have no idea what strain it was, but it was the worst experience with weed I’ve ever had. The other times I’ve smoked it, I had anxiety really bad again, but I didn’t feel like I was hallucinating.

    • Dm88

      I called 911 to, I had a weed brownie 500mg 1st time ever! I had a full bladder and couldn’t piss and started to deal like it was backing up into my body. I rended up being ready at the front door and everything. I couldn’t speak right and was in and out of it so the police came to. They could tell I was high and the medics in the ambulance. But unless they find stuff on you they can’t arest you. Atleast here in Kansas. I asked the cop that as I was joking with him. He laughed and said I may be high as hell and they came in but unless they found any on my they can’t charge you with anything. But God I only remember bits and peices of what happened. Apparently I went crazy and had to separate me from other ppl since I thought for a while I was going to die, lol.