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New Strains Alert: Cherry Sauce, Sweet Baby Jane, Swiss Tsunami, and More

New Strains Alert: Cherry Sauce, Sweet Baby Jane, Swiss Tsunami, and More

Jeremiah Wilhelm
December 9, 2016
This week’s New Strains Alert shares some wonder and wellness  through a few handy high-ratio Harlequin
crosses; a Cherry Pie
tasting menu that includes Cherry Cream Pie with Cherry Sauce; and a couple high profile cuts from Cresco Labs (with a shout out to my Windy City ents!) Explore these strains and learn the importance of terpene profiles
plant anatomy
, and other useful factoids also found in our Cannabis 101 section

Leafly Cherry Sauce cannabis hybrid strain tile
   Cherry Sauce

Cherry Sauce by Andromeda Strains is a delicious cross with diverse genetics. The offspring of parent strains Cherry Pie
and The Sauce
, Cherry Sauce offers complex nuances in flavor, aroma, and effect. With a terpene profile
exhibiting skunk, spice, earth, and tartness and a velvety flavor, Cherry Sauce is worthy of a place on any cannabis connoisseur’s roster. The effects are heavy-hitting but balanced overall, stimulating the mind with a rush of energy, and melting into a vibrating full-body buzz that helps with nausea and stress without sacrificing alertness.

Leafly Cherry Cream Pie hybrid cannabis strain tile
   Cherry Cream Pie

Cherry Cream Pie is the decadent indica-dominant hybrid offspring of Cherry Pie
and Cookies and Cream
. With pronounced OG undertones and hints of tartness and pine, Cherry Cream Pie’s terpene profile
is half the experience. The strain’s calming effects permeate both mind and body, offering consumers carefree, mid-level sedation. Enjoy Cherry Cream Pie later in the day as couch-lock and appetite stimulation are two common side effects after consumption. This delicious strain will mellow aggravated muscles as well as minor aches and pains.

Leafly Harley Twin sativa cannabis strain tile
   Harley Twin

Harley Twin is a CBD
-rich, sativa-dominant strain that inherits genetics from Harle-Tsu
 and Harlequin
. This wellness oriented combination has an alert buzz that is maintained by its balanced THC/CBD ratio, encompassing the mind in soft haze while gently stimulating the body. These effects coupled with the natural anti-inflammatory qualities inherent to Harley Twin can help turn down the dial on minor physical pain, stress, and nausea. Anticipate a grassy aroma with a hint of cherry sweetness after combustion/vaporization.

Leafly Swiss Tsunami sativa cannabis strain tile
   Swiss Tsunami

Swiss Tsunami is a rare CBD-rich strain with a pungent smell. A genetic cross of Swiss Gold
and Sour Tsunami
, Swiss-Tsu is a potent pairing that can generate over 14% CBD
 with just 0.5% THC on average. Reeking of skunky, herbaceous terpenes
and having the bright yet delicate flavor of orange peel on the exhale, Swiss Tsunami is a connoisseur CBD cut in a league of its own. Enjoy this strain to help relieve inflammation, nausea, and anxiety.

Leafly Harley Storm sativa cannabis strain tile
   Harley Storm

Harley Storm by Cannavative is a complex union of CBD-rich
parent strains. By crossing Harle-Tsu
and Thunderstruck
, this aptly named strain takes on mild cerebral effects while remaining primarily medicinal. Harley Storm offers consumers an uplifting headiness with alert stimulation while reducing inflammation and pain. Consume this strain’s massive 22:1 CBD/THC ratio on its own or as a supplementary addition to other strains.

Leafly Chunky Diesel sativa cannabis strain tile
   Chunky Diesel

Chunky Diesel by Cresco Labs is a West Coast rarity with classic roots. This combo of Deep Chunk
(a robust indica straight out of 1970) and the ever-popular Sour Diesel
 creates a pleasantly motivating strain with a clear-headed mental state. With massive trichome
production and a terpene profile
of skunk, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and diesel, Chunky Diesel is sure to please sativa-dominant aficionados. Chunky Diesel may also assist with depression, fatigue, nausea while concurrently improving mood.

Leafly Sweet Baby Jane indica cannabis strain tile
   Sweet Baby Jane

Sweet Baby Jane by Cresco Labs is an indica-dominant strain of the highest caliber. Known for its creeping sedative body buzz, this strain glues consumers to their seats, infusing the limbs with deep relaxation that slowly teeters toward sleep. Enjoy Sweet Baby Jane’s citrusy terpene profile
and potent stress relieving effects in the evening. This Afgooey
and Old Island Indica cross can also help relieve anxiety, minor pain, appetite loss, insomnia, and nausea while leading the consumer toward rest.

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