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This Niagara LP is changing the preroll game

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Presented ByRedeCan December 13, 2019

When perusing the shelves for prerolls at your local cannabis store, you’re likely to come across a familiar format: a single joint, often conical in shape, surrounded by a great deal of packaging.

This works just fine for some, but anyone looking for a different approach to prerolls has been out of luck, until quite recently. Enter Redees, the new line of prerolls from Niagara licensed producer, Redecan. They’re poles apart from virtually all the other preroll products currently on the market, and in almost every way possible.

Way less packaging than you’re used to

Firstly, there’s the environmental impact: open most prerolls and you’ll be left with a sizeable amount of excess packaging. Redees, on the other hand, are 100% sustainable.

“We find that a lot of current prerolls use wasteful packaging,” says Rick Redekop, co-owner and master grower at Redecan. “We are proud to say that our entire preroll package is recyclable and environmentally sustainable. It is composed of paper, soy based ink, and starch adhesives. Even the small plastic tabs are recyclable in all districts.”

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Consistency in pack, like you haven’t seen before

Buy ten individual prerolls from a single LP and you’re likely to find at least a slightly different roll each time. Redecan seems to have solved this problem with a custom rolling machine, that’s wholly unique to their company.

We’ve seen it ourselves, and without going into too much detail, we can safely say that it’s an impressive piece of kit. “We think that other styles of preroll, currently on the market, lack consistency in pack,” says Redekop. “Our state of the art technology produces roughly 2000 prerolls per minute. That way, we can ensure repeatable quality and consistency. They’re perfect for the people who are ready to rock, but have no time to roll.”

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Real bud, not shake

Sustainability and consistency are obviously important factors for a company that’s mass producing anything these days, but it’s really what’s on the inside that counts. Open a box of Redees, and you’ll see something that’s very uncommon.

Instead of a single preroll, you get ten 0.4 gram joints. Look inside those and you’ll get something different yet again. “All of our prerolls use real bud, not shake, and they are cylindrical vs. conical, allowing for a more even burn,” says Redekop. “They are the perfect size for single use, or sharing. We have always tried to be different than other LPs. We wanted to improve on the traditional cone design in a way that is unique, but convenient for the consumer.”

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No steep mark-ups

Another sore spot that users will be familiar with, is the often steep mark-up from regular bud to prerolled. Some LPs have their prerolls priced at almost 50% more expensive than their dried flower per gram, which is a significant increase by anyone’s standards. The mark-up on Redees (which is closer to 20%) compared to their regular products is decidedly less—not bad for an environmentally sound, all bud, preroll pack of ten.

The current Redees on the market include two of the brand’s familiar strains—Shishkaberry and Wappa—with a high THC potency, although they have stated that more strains will be available in this format in the near future.

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