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by AltaVie

12 customer reviews


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Sun Mar 08 2020
This will not make you go crazy high. Very relaxing yet you can still do chores around the house. I personally cannot smoke a joint of this brand by myself, so, I do half a joint, keep the other half for later.
Thu Feb 06 2020
literally impossible to go overboard with. really good if ur looking for a mood booster. fun at parties bc it makes u quite happy go lucky, also fun at hone bc it makes chores and stuff bearable. the roar of my tinnitis is pretty bad rn tho.
Mon Jan 13 2020
TEXTURE: smooth FEELING: relaxed, calm, happy. Not very strong, but comfortable chill feeling
Wed Jan 01 2020
Don't know yet, this is a place holder
Wed Nov 13 2019
A fantastic euphoric high. Great for getting things done or for a fun daytime hangout with friends. A good alternative to Blue Dream or Tangie if you need something a little less potent.
Tue Oct 08 2019
+ Attitude - fairly relaxed and oddly responsible. Absolutely need to try again to compare results. + Productive - read through an entire dry contract without much trouble. + Hungry - already ate a light dinner and have now eaten the same dinner over again. + Tastebuds - Dark chocolate espresso beans taste absolutely amazing! + Hearing - seems heightened even though my ears feel weird. Not sure how much I like this trade-off. + Awareness - stopped eating chocolates when I realized that additional sweets were not actually giving me more satisfaction. + Relaxed - My brain is finally just letting stuff go if it only causes more stress. + Time - Oddly enough, I feel like I'm able to do more. Whether or not I'm sober enough to make a fair assessment... who knows?
Mon Sep 30 2019
Perfect for those with sensitivity to THC. Chose this over AltaVie's Campfire as we found the Campfire was a bit too low in THC/CBD. My SO and I were notably affected by this batch at ~8.5% THC/CBD. Sativa like effects for both of us where we were happy, laughing and energized. She worked 12+ hours that day, and quickly forgot about her soreness. We talked and had a great night. We shared a small (.3g) joint for the evening. I couldn't note any real flavour aside from slight earthyness, she tasted mint/grapefruit. Smaller buds, but they ground up nicely and burned evenly and slowly. Definitely OK for low tolerance users and experienced ones too (me). I'm impressed with this, I'm sure its our new 'shared' goto.
Sun Sep 01 2019
Smells like pungent catnip, oregano and a bit of citrus. Made me calm, relaxed, and very talkative. Slept like a log afterwards. I'm a beginner and this was lovely.
Thu Jul 11 2019
Harmonic for me is a beautiful strain for chilling on a Sunday night with the family and watching an early movie. As another reviewer mentioned, this is a very balanced and chill high. 👍 I like it! After the dinner dishes are done and all other family household chores complete is the time to break out Harmonic, kick back and enjoy a peaceful Sunday evening with family.
Tue Apr 02 2019
Been my go-to for a few months now, nice and balanced while still giving you a nice heady high, good all purpose product.