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North Star CBD

North Star CBD

by AltaVie

11 customer reviews


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Sun Apr 26 2020
I have only tried 2 cbd strains: this one and the one from Dubon, and North Star is a much superior product. Priced at 34.44 for 3.5 compared to the 27 from Dubon in Canada, it really provides a subtle uplifting feeling. I was expecting a bit more body relaxation but being a sativa you can feel the difference between a sativa cbd and an hybrid cbd, even though there is less than 1% thc. Ive only smoked it late at night so Id be curious to try it during the day. The smell is really nice, very lemony, as for the taste it is quite smooth. Definitely a good quality harvest, hence the price tag
Thu Oct 31 2019
One of my favourite strains. Tried it as it is a Sativa and really like the affects. Keeps me relax with a touch of euphoria.
Mon Sep 09 2019
Overall I do not recommend this for anyone trying to treat anxiety. It was great for the first hour but after that it just induced panic attacks. Perfect for knocking yourself out if you can't sleep though! Beware of nightmares however, it gave me and two friends awful nightmares. Probably won't buy again, especially at the price it is.
Tue May 14 2019
Absolutely love this strain. I have anxiety, ADHD and persistent depressive disorder. I like to use marijuanna medically. This one if I use too much gives me a bit too much of a head high. But the right amount I don't feel very high at all I just feel my body relax and be peaceful. Makes me very productive and aware when I use the right amount. I recently made edibles with it about 3g for a 12 cookie recipe. Two cookies made me very giggly, a bit red eyed and very chill. Could do tasks if I really wanted to but I just wanted to have a good time and be carefree. One cookie or half of a cookie made me very calm and productive, helps a lot with my ADHD. I would recommend this as a day time strain or for anxiety/depression/adhd. For bed time it's not the greatest but does help a tiny bit.
Thu May 09 2019
I didn't love that this CBD high strain was also Sativa dominant. I felt a clear "come up" or mental shift in the first 8 minutes, and when that had settled down, I didn't feel the effects of the CBD that much except for slight couch-lock. Still feeling bodily energy and some mind energy but also feeling a bit physically weighed down was a weird mix, not relaxing. I tried this strain 3 times and it felt the same way each time. I don't know what someone would use this possibly energetic, high CBD strain for exactly, it just didn't work well for me.
Sat Mar 30 2019
Tried this as alternative to tinctures of isolate in oil, to get faster onset and shorter activity. CBD can be kryptonite for high energy creative workaholics like me so it’s hard to use it for a sound sleep without messing up your day. With tincture I would have to take it at 7pm so the release 12 hours later would let me bounce up in the morning after a sound sleep, but the gradual onset meant sleep kept getting postponed. Indicas simply leave me groggy and sleepless for 12 hours (and suppress REM sleep for 36 hours which really messes me up) so they are not a sleep aid for me. Something that kicked in fast and ended at 6 or 7 hours seemed ideal like vaped flower. Tried this and Temple through OCS, both came in sealed jars (seeing a tax seal was a new experience too). Had my doubts about the pancake and supplier as you can see before buying, but this strain was in good shape, fresh and floral scent with big buds. Temple was tiny stale smelling shwag which had been a complaint early in legal weed, maybe it was old stock. But this was good, filled my vape with 0.15 gram which should last several days, and tried 10 inhales at 164C. Some roughness in throat but just enough to know I was actually getting active material. Pretty pure CBD, tested at 14% CBD and 0.5% THC, But did feel a clear transition—not a high (though it could be mistaken for one). It was like living a mile from an industrial plant that shuts down suddenlly in the evening, a whirring in the brain suddenly quieter and relaxed, if it had been bedtime my suddenly heavy eyelids would have let me nap immediately. Took about 90 minutes to adapt, then wide awake but the obsessive drives gone. Definitely primed for good sleep. Later felt warmth that released suddenly which is my morning signal that the CBD is letting my body temperature return to daytime levels, and when that passed brain was right back in overdrive. So it looks good so far. Still need to judge timing and whether small aloof THC will impact REM sleep.
Thu Mar 14 2019
This is the first strain I tried after legalization. It had been quite a long time since smoking at all due to a very bad experience I had after another long bout of not smoking. I decided since my tolerance had plummeted I'd start with the lowest THC I could find as well as highest CBD to try and alleviate pain that nothing else could help. I didn't get any head high but I felt really good. I'm sad to say it didn't really help the pain much but it lightened my mood a tad and my body felt somewhat better overall. I would, however, recommend this to anyone with a low tolerance or trying things out for pain for the first time. Everyone is different and I found this to be a safe restarting point for myself
Sat Feb 16 2019
I bought this strain because it was written 0% THC on the webpage but be careful, there's still some (about 0.5% for what I bought). So if you want a CBD only product this is not the case for this one.
Wed Feb 13 2019
This strain is perfect if you've had anxiety or paranoia from weed before. Mild body buzz in the upper chest area, not much in the head except for a bit in the back of your head if you have a bigger bowl. Very calming & relaxing, perfect for getting through a stressful day. Mild hunger increase too. No side affects noticed.
Thu Jan 17 2019
Zero to very minimal high (maybe it's just the vape or smoke giving the impression of the minimal high). Does not make me enthusiastically talkative like how Maui Wowie does, nor a slow forgetful imbecile like from most Indica strains. Just makes me hungry and have red eyes. Taste is great though. I don't know what the CBD does as I have no pre-existing pain, anxiety etc. I was still able to focus on what I was currently doing.