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Zour Apples Pre-Rolls 1.5g 3-pack

by BOAZ Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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BOAZ Pharmaceuticals Inc. Cannabis Pre-rolls Zour Apples Pre-Rolls 1.5g 3-pack

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

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About this strain

Zour Apples

Zour Apples

Plantman Jack and Ethos Glue from Ethos Genetics come together to create a long-lasting strain that absolutely stinks. With thick colas that pump out a rich sour apple, dry floral, and chocolate chem terpene profile, Zour Apples is not to be missed by anyone looking for unique aromas. Alongside tasty flavors, this strain offers a quality high that comes on strong, then tapers into a warm relaxation.


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