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GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies)

GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies)

by Canna Farms

7 customer reviews


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Tue Jul 21 2020
Sort of the Swiss Army Knife of Cannabis. It brings a good mood, excellent pain relief, sleep, adds to fun in bed, adds appetite too. It does it all plus it smells and tastes good too.
Fri Mar 27 2020
Chronic migraine/Headache? After 4 months of testing various strains, GSC works for me, reducing the pain levels down to a 2 out of 10! I recommend this strain!
Wed Jan 29 2020
Nice, light relaxing buzz
Sun Dec 01 2019
I recommend this strain for appetite, sleep and sex. It makes you trip out and gives you a body high. The only issue I had was I received 3.5 grams of very very dry bud. Most of it was dust and I didn't need to use a grinder; it fell apart in my hands. Doubt I will order from Canna Farms again. The GSC strain is very good though and offered by numerous other providers.
Sun Aug 04 2019
Got this the other day, it was bone dry and had very little to no effects. Disappointed
Mon Apr 01 2019
Despite the sealed packaging this weed came out of the pack very very dry. It was so dry it could have easily been broken up by hand. Perhaps the effects would have been better had it been stored properly before packaging or packaged on time or packaged better. We'll never know. The first time smoking it in this dried state yielded little to no effect. I was able to re-hydrate it using the old spinach trick but even still I wouldn't say that it was living up to it's reviews. I've had GSC before and it usually puts me into a super happy zone pressing the couch lock button but not quite. This was definitely not that. It did wind up alleviating some stomach pain I was having and moved quickly to make me feel uplifted even if I smoked about twice as much as I have in the past to get a mild buzz. While my stomach did feel free of discomfort for the rest of the evening the uplifted effects were fleeting and after about an hour they were gone. A pretty disappointing experience from one of my favourite strains. Maybe it was just an off batch, but I couldn't go ahead and give this one a thumbs up unfortunately.
Wed Feb 20 2019
Really enjoy this strain. Nice almost minty flavor. Produces tons of vapor and lasts a really long time. Effects are also enjoyable, the first hits are relaxing and somehow still energizing, if you continue and hit it hard you can enter deep euphoria and mildly psychedelic territory. Keeping at 4/5 for now, as this is quite a bit more expensive than other strains, and I'm not a huge fan of the packaging. Still great stuff though.