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by DaVinci Vaporizer

10 customer reviews


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Wed Feb 19 2020
This DaVinci Miqro is great! It has the size of a small vape mod but it’s actually a vaporizer, the smallest of its kind I’ve seen so far. After reading the reviews, I don’t understand why others say it doesn’t cloud up well. From my own experience, my clouds were SOLID. I got the cobalt colored one — I don’t know all the gadgets I have are blue-ish, maybe because it looks more put together. Anyway, as for battery life, I think it’s decent. However, I bought two extra ones just so I won’t have to worry about running out of power. All in all, I love the product.
Wed Feb 19 2020
This davinci Miqro vaporizer is awesome, it’s tine but gives you good vapor, the tiniest vaporizer I have ever held. Changing the mouthpiece is really tight. The cobalt color is really cool, it’s my uncle’s favourite color so he likes borrowing it a lot even though he has his own vaporizer. I should just buy him one I suppose. Anyway, this is perfect for family dinners because you won’t have to go outside or far away to light up a pipe — all you need is an empty room. Also, the smell is quite fragrant, similar to essential oils haha. It gets a little hot but I quite expected it. I mean it heats up herbs and sits in your palm so whatever. I love this device, it’s like a vaporizer made for James Bond. It even has the smart path. I guess the smaller the gadget the more techie it seems.
Tue Feb 18 2020
Ladies and gentlemen, I got myself a DaVinci Miqro in cobalt color and vaping has never been this good! I use the Miqro for my dry herbs and I swear it gives me the best vapor and flavors! It’s a really small and portable vape but it definitely has a big effect on me. It makes me really, really happy. The DaVinci Miqro is a practical choice for vapers like me who want the best vaping experience but cannot afford the expensive models or brands. It comes with a reasonalble price but is packed with features like temperature adjustment, extra herb storage, and extra battery (since it can run out of power without any hassle. It’s definitely the small but terrible of vapes!
Tue Feb 18 2020
I love DaVinci! So when I learned about the DaVinci Miqro, I told myself I needed to get one. When I finally got my hands on one, I couldn’t contain my excitement! Well, I didn’t really have an idea what I’d find in the Miqro, but I am sure happy that I bought one. Man, I like the rich flavors that I get! And the vapor…oooohhh, just what I like! And, of course, DaVinci Miqro also has got the looks! I like my cobalt-colored vape… a little blue ain’t bad… because it looks classic and classy. I can use it even when I’m dressed in my favorite formals!
Tue Feb 18 2020
I love my DaVinci Miqro because it’s affordable but overflowing with smooth vapor and good flavors. I also like the silicon mouthpiece. First time I ever saw one. Doesn’t have an odor or taste though, so it’s okay by me. I got the DaVinci Miqro cobalt because I like cool, relaxing colors. Its blue shade also looks classic and neat. Looks good and cool to the eyes. Another thing I like about the DaVinci Miqro is that it comes with several accessories. It has a can where I can keep my extra herbs. Also, the battery is replaceable, so no worries if it runs out of power.
Tue Feb 18 2020
This DaVinci Miqro gives me both a visual and literal high! I like my vape in different colors. I like looking at them arranged like a rainbow. And the cobalt DaVinci Miqro I bought a couple of weeks ago just completed my collection. It’s the perfect shade I was looking for. Of course, I also like the way it looks and the way it’s built. Just a couple of buttons, nothing complicated. I like that. I also like the kind of high its flavors give me. So rich and satisfying! I never thought I’d get this kind of fulfillment from such a small thing! Thumbs up to DaVinci for giving us this wonder of a vape!
Tue Feb 18 2020
Yes! I finally found the vape I have been long looking for! I bought my cobalt-colored DaVinci Miqro after I saw my friend using it. He asked me to try it and I did… and I liked it! The DaVinci Miqro is really small. It’s extra portable because you can put it inside your pocket without worrying about putting a dent on it. What I like about it most are two things: I can easily adjust the size of its oven and also control its temperature. I initially worried about the battery, but then it’s easily replaceable, so there’s really nothing to worry about. The DaVinci Miqro gives me a different kind of fulfillment because of all the flavors it gives out. I’d choose it any day over other brands!
Tue Feb 18 2020
Boo-yeah! I likey DaVinci’s new vaporizer! The DaVinci Miqro looks small and simple but it has a lot of power. First off, you can easily control the temperature – just use the up and down buttons found on the device. It’s made of some kind of aluminum. So, you’re guaranteed good quality. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry around. I got the colbalt-colored DaVinco Miqro and I like the way it looks and feels. It’s sleek and stylish despite its simplicity. I also like the fact that it’s affordable. It’s also practical because it’s an all-in-one package. Along with the vape, I also got a charging cable, accessory bag, mouthpiece (extender) and batteries. I got everything I need for a reasonable prize! Yes!
Fri Feb 14 2020
I have a DaVinci IQ but decided to try out the Miqro because, well, because I wanted to experiment. I wasn’t really expecting to get anything from it, since it’s a really small vape. But after only a few minutes of using it, I found myself hooked! I had to decide whether to keep my IQ or switch to the Miqro. I bought the cobalt DaVinci Miqro because it’s my favorite shade. I love how cool and calm it looks. Minimalists will like its design because there’s not too much buttons or stuff on it. It’s also easy to use; it even has a user-friendly design; it has buttons at the sides for easy use.
Fri Feb 14 2020
Surprised that such a thing as small as the DaVinci Miqro can give me a lot of flavor! I remember asking myself, “What’s inside this small container?! How is it packing all those flavors?” Another thing I like about my DaVinci Miqro is its physical appearance. I got the cobalt version and I like its relaxing effect on me – and that’s exactly what vaping is for me. It helps me relax. The cobalt color is a bit like the color of the sea – cool and calm to the eyes. I like its effect on me. And it looks simple but really, really stylish. It’s almost perfect. Almost. Because continuous use will give you only around 30 minutes of batter life. But it can be easily replaced, so this isn’t really a problem. The flavor is the most important for me.