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DAVINCI MIQRO Explorers Collection - Amethyst

DAVINCI MIQRO Explorers Collection - Amethyst

by DaVinci Vaporizer

12 customer reviews


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Wed May 13 2020
To be honest, I just bought the Miqro just because my friend was raving about it and I wanted to check if the hype was real and I also needed a new vaporizer anyway so I purchased it. I bought the explorers collection along with it just because I felt like I needed to and I’m glad I did. I love how the Miqro emits exceptional essence from the flower. It consumes all the potential goods of the flower. I find the addition of the explorer collection a plus. I keep it in my work bag just so I can take it everywhere I go.
Sat May 09 2020
The Miqro Explorers Collection a big hit for me because it is small but functional. It has a lot of accessories and its features are guaranteed to make your vaping experience convenient, memorable, and relaxing (I know a lot of use vape for this reason!). The DaVinci guy Hector, the one I talked to, told me a lot of people also like the Miqro because of its size….it’s very small, the smallest I’ve seen and used so far. He said that was the first thing customers ask about – if it’s really small. It really is! I can hide it in the palm of my hands! He definitely helped me decide to buy the vape! Oh, I shouldn’t forget to tell you that the Miqro Explorers is a good looking, stylish collection. If you want style while vaping, it’s got to be nothing else but DaVinci’s Miqro Explorers collection!
Thu Mar 19 2020
I bought the Explorer’s kit of the DaVinci Miqro because I am a constant traveler. I also vape practically the whole day. I was surprised the first time I tried it because I didn’t expect the flavors to soothe me. It did - and it helped me relax and also helped calm my nerves. Anyway, Davinci’s Explorer is perfect for those who want a good and flavorful vapor while enjoying some extras. I like the accessories it comes with like a carrying case for my Miqro and a grinder that I can use for grinding herbs anytime I want to. There’s also a container I can use in case I want to bring extra herbs.
Thu Mar 19 2020
Even at first glance, the DaVinci Miqro Explorer already looks good. It’s even better once you get to try it. I’m a light user and this pocket-sized vaporizer is perfect for me. I love the flavors I release. I read some reviews and articles and found out that this is because of advanced technologies that result to a gradual temperature increase and preservation of some compounds for better vaporization. Another thing that I like about this handy vaporizer is its extra accessories. In my set, I found a hear glove to protect my vaping device, a keychain compartment, and a small grinder that you can use to grind your herbs on-the-go. My amethyst-colored Miqro Explorer is just the first of many. Will buy a new one of a different color soon.
Thu Mar 19 2020
DaVinci Miqro Explorers was introduced to me by my neighbor. I’m fairly new to this whole thing, so he’s been helping me out. I’m happy I listened to him because I’m loving this mini vaporizer! It’s sooooo convenient because of its size. I love carrying it wherever I go. As I said, I’m pretty much new to the vaping scene, so this simple but satisfying vaporizer is perfect for me. Very easy to use. Its flavors help calm and relax me. I also love its simple and classic design. It doesn’t have complicated buttons and instructions. And it comes in different colors. Mine is an amethyst but I’m planning to buy another color soon. Oh, if you’re wondering about its batteries, the kit comes with an extra one—a rechargeable replacement battery.
Thu Mar 19 2020
I went to my friend’s vape shop last week hoping to find something new, something that might interest me. My friend suggested I try out the DaVinci Miqro Explorer. He said he just knew I’d like it—and he was right. I like it! I like the size, the vapor, the flavor, and its many convenient features. I like it that it fits just right into my shirt pocket. It’s very convenient for me because I don’t have to bring a bag or anything just so I’d have protection for my vape. I travel a lot, so the Miqro Explorer is perfect for me because I can carry it around in a carrying case that’s spacious enough for the vape and some essential accessories. I bought the amethyst-colored Miqro Explorer for no particular reason except I like the way it looks. If you don’t like amethyst, you can choose from other colors.
Thu Mar 12 2020
The DaVinci Miqro series is a personal favorite. So, when the Explorer’s edition came out, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to get one for myself. As soon as I got it, I tried and tested it and I am extremely satisfied. It’s not perfect but it almost is. Its overall classic look and its small size are the two major things that really hooked me to it. I’ve always tried to be discreet when I vape with dry herbs, so the type of small that the Miqro Explorer is ideal. I can hide it in the palm of my hand when I vape, so people won’t notice it. Its classic look is clean and I like it. I like how clean it looks, especially with colors like amethyst (which is what I got). The DaVinci Miqro Explorer is quite an investment.
Thu Mar 12 2020
I like DaVinci’s Miqro Explorer because it’s convenient. It’s small and can be easily carried around. It’s also user friendly because of its many features. The one I like the most is the ceramic bowl – because I think this is the one that really contributes to the vapor and the flavor. DaVinci Miqro Explorer is oozing with good flavors. The minute you puff, you’ll feel all the flavors wash over you. It also has a solid vapor; I love the thick vapor it makes. I also like the physical look and feel of the Miqro Explorer. Among all the colors – there are several to choose from – I prefer amethyst, a deep but moderately color that I find mysterious. Some users complain about the short battery life of the Miqro series, but this isn’t really a problem for me because the set comes with a rechargeable powerful battery.
Thu Mar 12 2020
DaVinci’s Explorer’s edition is the bomb! It has a lot of useful features. Features that make every vaping experience convenient and memorable. I can bring and grind my own herbs. I can carry my Miqro Explorer wherever I go. I can control the vape temperature. I can enjoy a flavorful vape experience. The DaVinci Miqro Explorer also has a ceramic bowl and mini grinder that I can use for my herbs. So I don’t have to worry about running out of herbs, especially those. I also like the full range of flavors I get and every puff brings out good vapor. Lastly, I like the way the vape looks and feel. It’s small and light, so easy to carry around. It’s made of world-class materials, so it’s guaranteed to be high quality. The Miqro Explorer comes in different colors. I chose the one in amethyst – because I like colors that aren’t that popular with a lot of people.
Fri Feb 21 2020
I got my DaVinci Miqro in the amethyst color and I think it really looks classy. It’s simple, not too flashy. Sure, the standard black looks sleek too but it’s just too hard to spot (especially for its size). And I like the idea of getting high off something classy-looking. I’m sure this vaporizer does a lot but I haven’t really paid attention yet to its different settings because I’m a bit lazy but I know I should. Looking forward to finding something really cool to do with its features. If this thing breaks anytime soon, I’m definitely buying the same model. I love the size.