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3 Ton Dulytek® DW6000 Electric Rosin Heat Press

by Dulytek

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Dulytek Concentrates Solventless 3 Ton Dulytek® DW6000 Electric Rosin Heat Press
Dulytek Concentrates Solventless 3 Ton Dulytek® DW6000 Electric Rosin Heat Press
Dulytek Concentrates Solventless 3 Ton Dulytek® DW6000 Electric Rosin Heat Press
Dulytek Concentrates Solventless 3 Ton Dulytek® DW6000 Electric Rosin Heat Press
Dulytek Concentrates Solventless 3 Ton Dulytek® DW6000 Electric Rosin Heat Press


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About this product

Dulytek® DW6000 3-ton Rosin Heat Press is powered by electricity, so no hand cranking or wheel turning is needed with this machine, just hit “Press” button to start pressing. The DW6000 features robust stainless steel construction, 2.5 by 5 inches solid aluminum plates, touchscreen temperature/timer controls, stop-at-any-time release button, LED work area lights, and a handle for effortless moving of the press. The DW6000 does not need any additional equipment or parts to start pressing, and its 3-prong power cord as well as the operating instructions are included with the purchase. Technical Specifications: Maximum pressure: 6000 lbs / 3 tons Heating plate size: 5 x 2.5 inch / 127 x 64 mm Maximum temperature: 450 °F / 232 °C Power: 720 W Current: 6.5 A Voltage: 110 V Weight: 68.3 lb / 31 kg Dimensions: 18.9 x 13.6 x 10.4 inch / 48 x 34.5 x 26.5 cm Package dimensions: 21.7 x 16.3 x 13.2 inch / 55 x 41.5 x 33.5 cm Package weight (with the product): 72.8 lb / 33 kg Certifications: CE / RoHS Limited warranty: 6 months for major components; 3 years for other parts Discreet Packaging Don't forget to get 5% off any purchase by applying "LEAFLY18" discount code at our website checkout.

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bought three or four different rosin heat presses with minimal to fair results... this machine takes it to a new level from ease-of-use to performance to overall results of product you will not find anything better for the price... I am a legal medical patient just an fyi. Thx For the awesome machine will use it for a long time Spending money on a machine that helps produce the best medicine on the planet with the convenience of doing it right at home one of the best buys I’ve done

I am a combat disable veteran who need a press to make my medicine as I have complex PTSD, anxiety, depression and chronic pain and I can't use pharmaceuticals. I saw this beautiful press in my friend's and found that it is very helpful to me, since it is not convenient for me to use my painful arm to pump the hydraulic press. All I need to do is to prepare the buds in folded parchment paper, and then press the button. I recommend it to all who fight their ailments with medical cannabis.

Honestly I'm very disappointed in this press. Automatic push the button, yes that is a very nice touch but not when you have zero control over when it stops..... Just press the button and then it stops at 3 tons, 3 tons only and it will not let you stop and press at any other pressure. Also the counter is very confusing and counts down from your choice of 1000 seconds and downwards. The problem is nobody in the world knows the exact time they are squishing for it's better to have the counter count up words so that you can record how long you've been pushing for instead of trying to do the math in your head and on paper every single time. It's very confusing and there's no way to change it. Also a huge huge thing to know is that you can NOT make thca on this press. Or diamonds. You need to have a manual press for that because of the fact that they would never allow the user to control their own pressure. 3 tons is all you need though on the plus side for squishing flower. Max amount of grams I would be putting in there is 5.. so doesn't do crazy large amounts. But I'm just very very sad that I cannot do anything with it except for squish flower. and all because they never allowed to be pressure to be controlled by the user

About this brand

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Dulytek Equipment is a US-based engineering company that designs, manufactures, and sells botanical solventless extraction presses and related accessories (filter bags, pre-press molds, dabbing and rosin collection tools, smoking pipes, etc.) for individual consumers and businesses such as laboratories, herbal stores, processors, growers, dispensaries, and others. We build rosin presses that are easy to operate, innovative, lightweight, compact, affordable, and reliable so that our customers can keep on running them day after day. No matter if it is a hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, hybrid, or manually powered rosin press, at Dulytek, we strive for quality workmanship and stand behind our products with pride.