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by Edison Cannabis Co.

25 customer reviews


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Mon Aug 17 2020
Never get away of this strain cannabis marijuhana . It may help your store keep alive things sure marijuana skunk hybrid high level and fast and ultimate high. Frosty Bart may be on side or F1 to tailspin make this strain energik I've never had really a down even once and usually I smoke that every day and I buy at sqdc in Montreal for 29.50$ 5 stars
Tue Aug 11 2020
Alrighht but not the best. Wouldn’t say no
Sun Jun 07 2020
One of my favourite Edison strains. I personally find that much of the Edison products are very earthy. This one has some floral and fruity notes that balance out the dirt! The buds on this strain are beautiful. A lot of darker accents on my buds.
Thu May 21 2020
Great strong strain
Tue May 19 2020
I fucking love this strain, this is good shit. Edison always offer some nice fresh weed, the best quality I bought at the SQDC. I forget about everything when I'm high on this one, life stops and I feel good.
Thu Apr 30 2020
0 out of 5 some of the worst weed iv'e ever smelled and smoked absolutely disgusting the high is terrible.... I hope this was just my batch but i highly doubt it i bought 3 other strains and they are just as bad. i hope someone reads this before its deleted please don't support the ocs.............
Thu Mar 26 2020
Recently tried Decent high,being smoking for 50 plus years. Reminds me of red columbian Keep smoking and enjoying
Fri Mar 06 2020
Great body buzz, head high is a kind of focused amnesia. Moving into my weekly rotation as one of my gotos.
Tue Feb 04 2020
I tend to be a bit of a tolerance monster, so keep that in mind if you keep reading =) I found this strain on sale for a pretty good price at my favorite Lake City Cannabis (Chestermere, AB) and decided to give it a try, but was warned that it tends to be dry AF. Opening it, there was a packet to preserve moisture but it had sadly not done its job very well. There were a few good-sized nugs, as well as some extra smaller bits, and the nugs were mild in color and orangey-golden when ground. I packed 0.75-1g into a hemp blunt shell. It was indeed a pretty dry smoke, with a medium amount of coughing. The smoke was steady, however, and though it burned a tad hot, I only had to relight it once (rare for me). I didn't feel anything until I stood up after my smoke (which took about 20 minutes, give or take). As soon as I stood I started unconsciously moving to the music I had playing. Listening to music, dancing, and watching the stars were all very enjoyable. My irritable bowels and depression had been more or less leaving me alone on this particular day, though I had made poor eating choices earlier in the day (shame day at Tim Horton's with a bit o' the green dragon... oops); I found myself willing to eat dinner but not particularly interested in my food. The feeling of "eww, I ate too many donuts" overwhelmed any potential urge to eat the world. The body high was nice and relaxing but I was a bit hyperaware of the stiffness in my spine. My mild headache from earlier went away, though there was mild, inoffensive pressure around my eyes and temples for a short while. The strong high seemed to ride for at least an hour or two, with a slow and gentle downswing. My overall mood was mellow, interested, focused, and perhaps a tad cheeky. A good couch lock was possible, but it likewise wasn't hard to get up and cook/clean up. I didn't have any company so I can't say how social I was feeling, but I had no trouble keeping myself entertained. I was a little on the jumpy side, which felt like it would be either really good or really bad for watching horror movies (depending on your taste). Overall, an enjoyable, pleasant vibe. To get a full score it would need a bit more effort put into the packaging so it doesn't smoke quiet so dry (I would rate this 3.5) or a at least a bit of a drop in price.
Sat Jan 04 2020
By far Edisons best strain, but still it suffers from the draw backs of all Edison (loose bud) problems. Always too dry, harsh and always hit or miss with the aroma. Not a bad taste, enough to enjoy and get your buzz going. Still losses weight during the transportation process (from packaging to retail) and just cheep enough to make it worth your buck, but still better LP's and strains out there.