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BC Durga Mata 2 CBD

by Flowr

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Flowr Cannabis Flower BC Durga Mata 2 CBD

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Flowr’s BC Durga Mata is a unique high CBD cultivar with dense buds and beautiful cloudy trichomes. Refreshing and minty in flavour, it has pleasant light taste and aroma. Expertly grown in our indoor facility in Kelowna, this product is hand-trimmed for a premium, consistent whole-flower experience.

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A really great strain. I have a reasonably low tolerance, as I just never smoke very high THC strains, or strain in very high quantities. I really enjoyed the body high this strain provided. I found that the high that I got lacked (almost completely, but not quite) the anxiety I usually get when smoking cannabis. Would highly recommend for anybody who experiences anxiety, and can do with a lower THC level.

Strong terpenes, a great flavor and fairly potent. Very nice all-around CBD bud. The buds were fairly large and crystally.

About this brand

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Flowr is dedicated to enhancing the wellness & lifestyles of our customers through innovation & high-quality cannabis.