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BC OG Sour Diesel

by Flowr

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Flowr Cannabis Flower BC OG Sour Diesel

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

A hybrid of Sour Diesel and Sour OG, Flowr’s BC OG Sour Diesel is a pungent kush. With robust aroma’s containing hints of diesel and citrus notes the nose is strong. BC OG Sour Diesel is carefully crafted, and hand trimmed by our master growers.

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Very nice citrus-diesel nose to this strain, and a very clean smoke. Found it very effective at managing my symptoms.

About this strain

OG Sour Diesel

OG Sour Diesel

OG Sour Diesel by The Cali Connection is a riff on where Sour Diesel has been and where it is going. By combining Sour OG and Cali Connection’s East Coast Sour Diesel precursor, OG Sour Diesel adopts the historical ECSD lineage while offering a nod to the West Coast’s tradition of Kush-heavy crosses. The fuel aroma the buds emit is intense and astringent. The long-lasting cerebral effects mute stress without encumbering the body.

About this brand

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Flowr is dedicated to enhancing the wellness & lifestyles of our customers through innovation & high-quality cannabis.