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Tue Dec 08 2020
Very nice looking purple and orange buds with a nice sweet taste my batch was 13% thc but very potent found it did not couch lock but very cerebral high instantly
Sun Mar 15 2020
Love Bayou. Gives a mellow body effect which is calming even allowing for easier deep breaths due to PTSD related Anxiety. It calms the mind and body without heavy feelings in the brain or decreased function as indica sometimes induces. Mild analgesic affect on pain in muscles and joints. Feelings of happy and relief, puts a smile on my face. Please make more! This is a go to for me.
Mon Dec 30 2019
Surprising when smoked. The high was a little more potent then I would have thought (when I had bought it at 8%) and it was an enjoyable high. I caught this product when it was packaged only 3 months before opening so it wasn't to to dry, but it does lose the one star because that dryness did make the smoke a little hard, but enjoyable if you can re-hydrate.
Wed Dec 04 2019
Great for sleep and relaxing. Not too strong but a nice pleasant high.
Sat Nov 23 2019
Delicious taste, but it's not Purple Kush. Didn't have any of the peppery aroma it actually smelled and tasted like berries... The only complaint is that it's overly dry and I get tired of smoking it after buying 3.5 grams.
Wed May 01 2019
First things first: this product is 20$. It's pretty cheap. Cheapest product regularly in stock at the SQDC. There are cheaper and much better quality products available but they are not in stock For the weed itself.. Smell: decent floral smell. Made me think of something like lavender or roses...very flowery. It is a faint odor, though. Taste: Again...not much to say. Vague flowery notes, but pretty weak apart from that. Very dissapointing compared to San Rafael's Purple Chitral, which is only 5$ more. Texture and bag appeal: Cool! Purple weed! Except not really. This is where HEXO's Bayou starts to go massively down hill. Bayou, like just about every HEXO product, is EXTREMELY over-dried. It removes the nuances of the taste, the smell, even the potency is affected by overly dried cannabis. This cannabis will CRUMBLE in your hands as soon as you rub it between your fingers. You don't even need a grinder, that's how dry it is. As a customer, I find this pathetic quality control completely unacceptable. If a black market cannabis dealer offered this to me, I would be offended. Genuinely offended. Do you think a little bit of purple color makes up for quality control surpassed by high school weed dealers? High: It's alright. Pretty decent indica buzz. Nothing special. Good for being lazy. Requires a little bit more product to get high. Not a heavy-hitter. This high will take a minute or two to creep up on you. For 20$ I find it OK. Not great, but not terrible. I'd have given it 3 stars since it is OK in terms of high, not bad, but the extremely dust-dry cannabis means I literally cannot open this up and just smoke it. I have to put in a humidity pack and let it sit there for a day before it becomes smoke-able. This isn't a problem with San Rafael, Riff or any of HEXO's competitors. Look, HEXO, it's been half a year since you know you have a problem with quality control in your products. Plenty of people have taken this up with corporate. Everyone knows HEXO products are CLEARLY sub-par compared to MedReleaf. The message has been passed and corporate still hasn't done anything about it. I don't know why HEXO management think they're immune from competing market forces. Your contract will not last forever. Please think of your brand and how renewing that contract with the SQDC might be easier if you have the product quality, brand reputation and accompanying sales to back up your current quasi-monopoly contracts with the government.
Sun Feb 10 2019
The color is not attractive, doesn't smell good and badly trim. It's the perfect exemple of bad weed.
Mon Dec 03 2018
Doux et terreux au goût. N’irrite pas la gorge. Cocotte dense et foncée et mauve perçant une fois égrainée. Son faible pourcentage de THC (env. 9%) rend le buzz plutôt léger. La sensation rend plus paisible qu’euphorique. Bon pour calmer l’anxiété sans toutefois devenir amorphe. Recommandé au retour du travail ou pour relaxer l’esprit.
Wed Nov 14 2018
Pas mauvais, mais unpeu doux. Les buds sont d’un mauve surprenant.
Sat Oct 27 2018
Bought 3.5g from the SQDC online store, which arrived after a week. Nugs we're what people refer to as "popcorn buds" and came with about 6-8 nugs. Cannabis was a bit drier than I expected but nicely dried/cured. Nugs we're green and deep purple, almost black. The darkest I've ever seen any weed so far. Smelt earthy and almost synthetically sweet like fruit loops. I got my 3.5g on the dot. Smoke was nice although I didn't take big puffs. No harshness. I was very anxious as this would be the second time trying cannabis in the last 4-5 years. I usually get overly anxious and paranoid and don't enjoy marijuana that much. Even had a small glass of brandy to settle my nerves beforehand. Smoked 0.05g in 10 minutes (I'm a lightweight). Initially got the clarity and heightening of senses I usually get immediately. Some short-lived and mild anxiety which seeped from headniness into completely manageable body effects after sitting down and putting on some synthwave. Lots of trippy effects, body tingles, felt my body being pulled down but not locked into my chair. But euphoric and stress and anxiety melted away. The most notable effect for me was an energy in my gut region which was almost uncomfortable when watching trippy videos on YouTube. But completely manageable. A very feel-good weed that got me smiling and laughing at pointless things. Lasted 2 hours for strongest effects and was pretty much normal after 3 hours. Allowed me to be tired and yawn and slept well. Next morning head feeling slightly airy but completely ready to face the day. This is good medicine for a guy like me with constant anxiety to help relax. Was hoping for a bit more sedating and knock out effects which will probably be apparent if I doubled the dose.