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11 customer reviews


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I love the smooth yet potent high this strain gives me. Not much of a smell at first but as soon as you break one of those nice looking dense buds, you get that blueberry aroma right in the face. Third time I purchase this product (It was actually my first legal market purchase ever) and every time I been surprinsingly impressed by how strong the spicy and sweet blueberry aroma taste comes out compared to its actual smell (especially when smoked in a joint in my opinion). Hexo, I noticed your improvements price-wise and must admit price was one of the two thumbs-down I had with your company so great work (20$ an eight is right on the spot, IMO). Now here's the only thumbs-down I got left and haven't noticed much if any improvement at all; Your herb is dry. Always. Dry (purchased Hexo products at least 25 times). Nothing a boveda can't fix but you know, nobody enjoys having to wait 2-3 days after purchase in order for their herb to get back to proper humidity level. Edison adressed the issue with humidity pads which works well honestly (at least in keeping the herb safe from dryness prior to opening the package). Thanks for this great strain at a good price Hexo (but seriously please look into the dryness thing; it kinda shits on the experience).


Very nice dense buds with some purple. Very earthy, with a lemon smell but when smoked the taste was very peppery. Wasn’t the sedating indica I was looking for. However, the reason this got a 4 star instead of a 3 is I had mild visual hallucinations. Which is cool. And I don’t experience that from weed almost ever haha. Would recommend for a casual indica smoker chillin with the buds.


Reminds me of chocolate fondue...but better!!! Love this strain.


Smoking some now pretty good !


Very impress nice buzz and smells like blueberry when i grind it. Will buy again

from HEXOon October 21st, 2019

We can't get enough of the blueberry scent present in this strain. Thank you for your support!


Smells amazing, fruity and musky. Resinous. I sleep so well after just a tiny bit of this in my vap! It’s not an instantaneous sleep tho, I go through a phase of relaxed euphoria first and that’s just awesome. Even when I clean my vap, the resinous deposit smells amazing.

from HEXOon June 27th, 2019

Hello! Thanks for the great review. We're glad the Lagoon was able to help you sleep and feel relaxed. :)


Love the head buzz but I can still think... Am able to let go of my walls and sleep, only way to sleep. Gives you munchies but if you don't keep anything like me, it gives you the strength to chose for real.... Greetings stuff I'm reading reviews already high, I should have done the opposite, read and order.

from HEXOon March 11th, 2019

Hey, Laurie. This is great feedback! :)


A fruity strain. Great head and body buzz while retaining some form of mental acuity. 10/10 will smoke again

from HEXOon February 22nd, 2019

Amazing! We’re so happy to hear that you enjoyed our Lagoon.


Very smooth and nice tasting smoke, I purchased a prerolled which was rolled perfectly. Euphoric but relaxing, it makes you very stoned but without any anxiety or loss of focus. Could be great for medical uses or if you're stressed or suffering from anxiety. I'm becoming more of a fan of Hexo as I try their products, glad to support a Quebec grower too. I'm hoping to get buds of this next time to see because the joint smelled amazing, spicy and fruity. I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of weed and the relatively reasonable prices offered by SQDC and hope more Quebec growers come into the scene.

from HEXOon February 18th, 2019

What an awesome review! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!


Tastes very good and not too rough on the throat. Once high off of the product, its was a mental fight between my bed and some munchizz, ended up passing out on the couch. Amazing weed overall that combines euphoria and sleepeeness...😂✌

from HEXOon December 7th, 2018

Amazing! We’re glad HEXO's Lagoon was able to meet your expectations.