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Mon Nov 02 2020
Question - HEXO states that this is an indica, but the Ontario Cannabis Store (OSC) says that it is 'a sativa-dominant variant of Cannatonic'. Can you tell me which it is please?
Sun Oct 18 2020
This is my go to weed when I want to go out and be active.
Mon Aug 05 2019
Ive read lots of reviews of it being too dry , I confirm if there was a problem with that before it is not the case! Nice buds well cured and beautifull smell. Very mellow high and ranking one of my favorite high cbd strains with campfire(altavie). Very good price as well , thank you Hexo for this excellent product ;)
Fri Feb 08 2019
i bought some at the sqdc, not impressed. first its too dry, obviously, you can litteraly turn it to dust with your fingers. second it doesnt smell as expected, in fact it barely smells anything. third, the flavor (affected by lack of moisture) is really disapointing. i didnt know anything about this strain of weed before i asked the dude for something that tasted strong and earthy, maybe he just didnt know what he was talking about. otherwise, if you exclude the ridiculous price and overpackaging, the buzz is energizing but not really satisfying, its like 6,63% thc, i thought it was enough but i guess i was wrong...
Wed Feb 06 2019
Bought at the SQDC it was 3 months old really dry and over packaged with a big plastic case for just 3 g's. Old dry weed, just okay buzz, less than okay smell.
Mon Nov 05 2018
Love love love!!! Best high ever, taste good, easy to smoke, slways sais that thc was overestimated jn cannabis and this is the proof! Low thc high cbd! My favourite product but a bit dry
Fri Nov 02 2018
Smell good. Not too hard for the throte. Bought it at SQDC in Montreal today. Decide to try it since there is CBD in it ( back issue) Little negative part: 3.4g instead of 3.5 (I’ve heard worst so... guest is not bad) But the Buds are a little to dry. I can grind it by rubbing my finger only. Hope this will not be the case everytimes.
Thu Nov 01 2018
Purchased this from the SQDC in Quebec. Just took my first hit from a pipe and it sticks a little in my throat, a bit harsh but, once into the lungs, its smooth. I enjoy the slightly peppery flavor and the sweet, strawberry-ish scent of the dried flowers.
Tue Oct 23 2018
Bough this 3 days in Legalization day at an official SQDC shop in Quebec. The cannabis was in pre-rolled joints, couldn't buy anything else because of supply shortage. The feeling was really good, energizing and clear minded. The only downside was that the cannabis was really dry and irritated the throat a lot, more than usual flowers I'm used to anyway.
Sun Oct 21 2018
Superbe smell , look great , tight buds , tasty and buzzz right on spot