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Thu Aug 13 2020
Really helped with my neck pain! Good for relaxation and stress relief. Smells nice, tastes pretty good as well.
Sun Mar 29 2020
Started with a head high then as a I smoked more I started to feel pretty silly. With being 22% THC I thought it would have hit me harder so that was a bit of a bummer. Tasted really dank- brush your teeth twice to get rid of the weed flavour. Was really relaxing and I fell asleep quicker than usual, didn't experience a sexy body high that makes your skin nice to touch, more just muscle relaxed.
Wed Mar 18 2020
At 21%, this thing hits you like a tsunami! Great head high, couch locked and still wiping my drool from my face! Great indica to ease out into the night. Simply love it. Yes, it may be dry, yes it might not look good... WHO CARES. You'll grind it anyways to smoke it.
Fri Feb 28 2020
This was a life changer for me. As a young person I smoked weed a few times and with the exception of maybe 3 to 5 times I would always have a bad trip. My heart would pound almost like it was going to bust out of my chest and I was either extremely paranoid or so messed up that I couldn't even think straight. When Canada legalized it I decided to give it one more try. I went to a store by my house and told them what I wanted and what I didn't. The bud tender recommended Tsunami so I decided to buy a bit and give it a try. I smoked it and all the sudden I felt this overwhelming feeling of warm happiness. Although it's considered to have a higher THC content I don't get messed up like I used to. I just get warm, happy and so relaxed. My hubby and I now smoke it every night once the kids are in bed and we have a great time and then fall asleep! I suffer from anxiety and this actually helps more than my benzo medications. I also suffer from severe chronic pain and although it doesn't take the pain away, it does make me forget about it. The ONLY complaint I have is that it's sooooo dry. We don't even need to use a bud bi Buster, we just crumble it in our fingers. It also makes me cough like crazy. Maybe different packaging would help keep if fresher?
Sat Feb 22 2020
Pretty smooth indica, has a nice lemon touch and spices.
Fri Jan 31 2020
Wasnt satisfied. Too dry not easy to roll, something I wouldn't buy again
Wed Oct 23 2019
I'm typically a little sceptical when it comes to purchasing legal Cannabis but HEXO's TSUNAMI has offered a glimmer of hope. After a lengthy discussion with my bud tender about the industry and phase 2 of legalization, he talked me into giving this flower a try. Upon opening the container, the fruity terpenes hit your nostrils and the wave of smells is just so refreshing. I would say the flower was curated wonderfully as you can really appreciate the aromas and flavours this flower produces when you begin to consume it, and the terpenes glimmer under white light adding a beautiful shine to the already gorgeous green flower. I'm quite satisfied with the overall consistency of the flower also. I'm happy that all the nuggets were still...nuggets when I opened it up... Unfortunately for my experiences, other legal cannabis from other LP's did not even come close to this type of quality. Which is really a let-down considering the the price tag the consumer is expected to pay. Thankfully TSUNAMI was a breath of fresh air! I have one criticism but it has nothing to do with this LP in particular. Canadian law affects the size of packaging in many forms and I'm aware of this. For example, warning signs must meet a certain criteria including sizes and colours. I just don't think I'm seeing enough effort in terms of reducing waste here. There are so many alternatives to single-use, petroleum based plastics. This industry really needs to pioneer the change required, as there's no excuse to be this excessive and wasteful in a word with so many alternatives. I urge you to forefront the change with industry already requires. I don't think we need a bottle deposit when we purchase cannabis, as it's already over priced. But we need to come up with alternative methods or products that are either reusable or not at all harmful.
Tue Oct 22 2019
Very happy with this strain. It's quite potent, with a strong but enjoyable aroma. Reasonable price (noticeably lower than some of my other faves). I'll definitely purchase again.
Wed Apr 24 2019
Very strong indica in the sense that this will make you pass out. Do not expect to be able to stay awake for more than an hour after taking this. Personally, I love indicas but this one just knocked me out too much to be able to enjoy the euphoria. I would recommend this for those who need help sleeping. I find I'm a little groggy the next day too...
Thu Apr 04 2019
Frutti, 23,54%THC ! Mamamia que bueno encore! Very good weed.