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Bougie Glass Reclaim Catcher Connector 18mm

Bougie Glass Reclaim Catcher Connector 18mm

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Bougie Glass Reclaim Catcher Connector 18mm Authentic Bougie Glass reclaim catcher connector right here. This reclaim catcher connector is awesome for several reasons. Not only does it act as an ash catcher to keep your bong or rig clean, it is designed to catch any reclaim oil in the silicone container. The silicone container detaches from the reclaim catcher to make a sealed jar. It is awesome for saving you money as you can reuse your reclaim for a second dab, or drip it on whatever you are rolling up. The reclaim catcher has a female opening so the joint does not change on your rig or bong. The catcher is a 18mm joint on both ends with the bottom joint being male and the top joint being female. Silicone jar attachment is included (silicone jar colors vary). Bougie Glass about 2 1/2 inches tall great for saving material 18mm joint silicone jar included Product Page:

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