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Lake ‘n Bake Hoodie

by Lake 'N Bake

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Lake 'N Bake Apparel Hoodies Lake ‘n Bake Hoodie


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

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About this product

Lake ‘n Bake Bella+Canvas Unisex Hoodie – Color Black with Green Logo on Front Left and Sleeve.

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Love it! #gogreen

Love this hoodie- very comfortable and cool design

Start your day off right... "Lake 'n Bake". Very comfortable hoodie, eye popping motto for those who love weed and water.

About this brand

Lake 'N Bake Logo
Cannabis-themed, lake-inspired apparel & accessories that are custom made to embody the fun lake lifestyle while highlighting the natural healing properties of cannabis and mental wellness remedies of being in and around water