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Easy Cheesy

Easy Cheesy

by liiv

14 customer reviews


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Was checking out "TheOCS" reddit page the other day and noticed that Liiv's Kinky Kush seems to be all the rage and seems to frequently sell out. Went by the local shop today I wondered if they might have some. They didn't, but they did have some Easy Cheesy and then Irealized that it's been some time since I had me some Cheese, so here we go! I noticed that some of the complaints here mention a lack of cheesy smell and/or taste. My nose isn't the finest but the 3.5 package I got did have aroma, and the smoke did provide that distinct flavor you should expect from a cheese strain. Small buds and a little shake (just enough for the first joint I smoked) but I don't expect anything more for the amount I got and really I care more about the condition of the bud than the size of them, and these were in great condition. Not dry at all, smooth smoke, grey ash. Strong buzz (20% THC) but nothing overwhelming. For the price I paid, which was under $10 a gram $28.95) this was real good value. I know others haven't had the same experience with this product that I just had but what can I say, this batch I got was very good cannabis.


Easy Cheesy - a Sativa dominant cheese strain not unlike most cheese, reminds me of the Green Cheese, a Green Crack/ Cheese hybrid. I get a massive headache from these strains for some reason, as opposed to say Balmoral (Tweeds take on a Cheese). Anxiety is pretty low which is unexpected, but that may just be that this was my third smoke of the day. And let me say, smoked this is a great strain, vaping however left a ton to be desired. I got a hollow empty inhale with pine after taste, which is nothing to do with cheese. I am gonna need to spend more time with this strain, as it has been so hot and messy ( joking I meant hit and miss). LIIV however is championing it hard lately. Buddha Haze, Yin and Yang, Clarity have all been outstanding.


Definitely disappointed with this purchase. Was hoping to be smacked in the face with an intense cheese smell but instead all I smealt was f*cking hay.


Nice earthy, pungent, tasty flavour. Mid range thc that gave an uplifting high.


Like others are saying, small nugs of shake-producing dry weed. No strong aroma. What gives, liiv?? Quality doesn't match the price. Won't be buying again from them


Delicious and powerful uplifting happy , can cause couch lock in larger doses . I really enjoyed the cerebral effects although some people found it a little too intense in a social setting ..


The bud from LIIV looks like good quality, Perhaps a bit "too" good. After intaking around 9pm I couldn't sleep until after midnight and was having some weird times where shadows were morphing into nightmares. Won't try this strand again. So, bit of a background, I'm a lightweight pot user for 8+ years, usually less than 0.2g per day, some days of the week. But I tried this new one instead of RedeCan B.E.C. which had pleasant and relaxing effects. So forewarning.


This was one of the first strands I tried for OCS. I tried it because I am familiar with the way it is supposed to smell and look. From the sounds of it, most people who ordered quarters or half os of this were dissapointed by the quality, but let me just say that this should be expected with this strand of weed. This bud is definitely dry, but also very very dense, which makes for little popcorn nugs. My order had the familiar cheesy smell and taste that I was hoping for. (For anyone who hasnt tried cheesy weed before, its hard to explain, its just the first thing that comes to mind; kind of have to try it yourself). Again, I only ordered a G; if your looking for big nugs this might not be the right strand.


I got this from OCS, packaged in July. It smelled like locally grown weed, just a little less skunky (in a good way). Tasted fine, not great coughing jags because of overly dry weed. This gives good bang for the buck, if OCS ever re-stocks, I will buy again.


yes the potency was there for sure but the buds that arrived from OCS were packaged on July 24.It smelled of hay and tasted like it too.would of loved to have tried a fresher bud.