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Critical Kali Mist Disposable Vape Pen 0.22g

by Made by Hemp

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Made by Hemp Concentrates Cartridges Critical Kali Mist Disposable Vape Pen 0.22g

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

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Worst battery in the industry. It’s like a .22G cartridge and I haven’t been able to get through one pen without the battery dying leaving at least half the product in the pen and I can prove it as still I have all five pens. I can make a video if you like to show the batteries are all dead. Terrible product but good strain.

About this strain

Critical Kali Mist

Critical Kali Mist

Critical Kali Mist from Delicious Seeds was bred to be brilliant. Its genetics are a pairing of Critical Mass, an indica known for its growth of large sticky buds, and Kali Mist, a multi-award winning sativa. The result is a powerful and resinous sativa that produces large, dense flowers after about 70 days. With earthy and pine flavors, this bud provides uplifting effects and endless fits of laughter.

About this brand

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Made by Hemp sells premium quality products derived from hemp, or for use with hemp related products. Our products are derived from imported industrial hemp and come in the form of tinctures, raw extracts, gummies, vapes, beauty products, and more!