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Pax Era

Pax Era

by PAX

29 customer reviews


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Keeps charged all day, easy to carry, doesn't smell, pods seem to last forever and they don't break.

I have been a responsible recreational user for decades. Started with smoking from a pipe or bong, but moved on to the Pax around 6 years ago, picked up a pax 3 about a year ago. Excellent device with a connected app. The company has always stood by any warranty service for my Pax 1. I never considered vaping juice because I refuse to buy juice on the black market. I recommend the same for anyone reading this. That being said, the Pax Era is a solid product, worth of the brand name. This really seems to be the future of vaporizers and consumption. I was visiting a legal state and picked up 2 batteries and some pods. There was a small learning curve but that is just my personality having to examine everything. Pairing to the app is easy. Issues from earlier reviews seem to have been resolved and this is a dependable feature rich easy to use vape pen. Never had a leak. Never needed the second battery or had a problem with a pod. Very discreet and can be used almost anywhere. Once this is available in my state I plan on switching over. Until then I grab 6 pods at a time over the border when I can and use them for occasions where vaping flower would be a problem. Easy to use in movies, concerts, in any bathroom and so on. Try it you will like it. Have fun!

Not sure how to rate the Pax Era yet. I was given a Pax Era with an amazing Brite Labs cartridge. I'm not sure what's not working, the cartridge (which I can't exchange) or the Pax. It doesn't draw. Whether I turn down or blast the temperature, nothing much happens. I need monstrous hits to put out a thin, thin veil of smoke. When I called customer care I realized I might need to take a step back with that company. The person I spoke with wouldn't hear a thing and blamed the cartridge. I had to plea for solution, such as reboot and all. This was a poor customer service an makes me think the company will do something willy at some point. I'm waiting to find someone with a pen locally and see with a sample cartridge but I'm not spending that much money on a product that doesn't work Pax, seriously! And I'm a journalist...

iPhone of weed smoking

So I love the pax it's very convient and less harsh than most pens on the market! The con for me is that the overpriced cartridge does not fit snug enough, it had fallen out a handful of times until I finally lost it and if it wasn't $80 bucks for a cartridge then it probably wouldn't be a huge loss! So until they fix that unfortunately I won't be purchasing anymore cartridges, the pen is my favorite on the market right now so hopefully they work that out!

Thanks for Reading a review by #TheCannabisConcierge. In my journey to abetter wellbeing and happy universe. My decision after using the Top 10 Rated Vape Units off Google. The Pax device is #1 The unit is extremely light and simple to use. There is an App in both Google Apps or Apple. Any one can use the unit and app with no training and in 1 year not 1 pod malfunctioned whereas, the other 12 units i tried failed. Tell me what you think!

So I’ve loved using this product in the past, what I’m writing this review for is for the nightmare I dealt with ordering one. Was happy to order a pax era online, I was charged for 2 and sent an additional product. Which is fine I can return it, my thing is in contacting customer service the last 3 days I have had no response with an address to return The Product, their policy is returns are accepted from 14 days of purchase, it took time to receive the package, can’t get an answer for where to send this product I don’t need, or want anything to do with this company at this point. Why do I have to pay priority shipping to return a product I never ordered, they are now closed for the weekend so by that point will be a week since I ordered the product before getting an answer. To sum it up you pay for their mistakes!

I picked up my Pax Era battery and a Bloom Farms pod of Granddaddy Purple. The first hit I took with the device tasted better than any pen-style cartridge I'd tried before (except maybe Brite Labs' Tangie, which is amazing). The Pax Era is easier to load and unload than regular pens, it offers tastier hits, and, most importantly, it allows users total control of their wick temperature and session size. I would never go back to my previous batteries, one made by Select and the other by Heavy Hitters. From now on, Pax Era is the standard for cannabis vaping.

i really like the PAX ERA PODS discrete and not to bulky also the pods are awesome and very easy to use the only thing is i wish some of the manufacturers put in a temp setting on their product instead of playing with the app

I bought my PAX era over a year ago. I love it. Super easy to use. I never cough with a hit. I keep getting other pens but end up giving them away. The PAX is also very discreet. Hides easily in the palm of your hand without a billow of vape after a hit.