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RedeCan Medical Cannabis Flower Bubba Erkle Cookies


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Bubba Erkle Cookies is a strain with a myrcene-forward aroma that is very pungent, with influences of pine and lemon topped with sweet berry flavour. It has dark, fluffy popcorn-shaped buds with dark red hairs, purple undertones and a heavy blanket of lavender crystal trichomes.

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I LOVE this weed. It has a gentle ride up with a smooth beautiful high that levels out perfectly for you to achieve your best physical and creative energy.

Bubba Erkle cookies are bomb. I love the high CBD ratio to the THC. Makes you calm and happy. Made my pain go away and it's euphoric effects make for a perfect high. My New favourite strain.

About this brand

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RedeCan Medical is focused on providing quality cannabis products to patients at an affordable price. With quick registration, and same day order shipping, patients are a top priority.