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Reign Drops 30:0 - 40ML

by RedeCan

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RedeCan Concentrates Solvent Reign Drops 30:0 - 40ML

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About this product

Available in a 40 ml bottle. With a 30:0 ratio of THC to CBD, Reign Drops by Redecan is a blend of greenhouse-grown cannabis with a strong THC potency. Formulated in Niagara, Ontario, this oil is put through a state-of-the-art extraction process and diluted to optimal concentration. Reign Drops is available in a 40 ml bottle. Our carrier oil of choice that you will find in all of our RedeCan oil is a responsibly sourced MCT Oil. DO NOT smoke or vape these oils. Use as directed.

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Love this oil, it's wonderful!!!!

I can't get over how good this oil tastes! Very calming and zen like mood. 5* for sure at that price

If you are looking for relaxing, calming and sleeping experience without smoking, this oil might be your solution. It gives you a nice high at the beginning. It is not a crazy euphoric high, but a smooth intense deep one. After that, you will relax and be ready for a good sleeping. I was nicely surprised of its body relaxing effect, which takes pain away. I find this oil really good for insomnia too.

About this brand

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Quality Cannabis Starts with How It's Made No shortcuts, no excuses. With over 30 years experience in agriculture, we are devoted to delivering you quality cannabis. As a leading Canadian producer of medical cannabis located in heart of the beautiful Niagara escarpment, our state-of-the-art greenhouse allows for the optimal use of natural sunlight and clean fresh water. Our Promise We are committed to delivering the ultimate experience, from seed to sale. Straight from our farm to your door. Patients are our priority Unparalleled customer service 100% Canadian homegrown 100% Greenhouse grown Natural growing conditions Our Process We are the original growers—farming is in our DNA. We’ve married our years of agriculture experience and our state-of-the-art greenhouse facility to create a cannabis family that’s in a league of its own..