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by RedeCan

7 customer reviews


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Wed Mar 24 2021
Unreal strain. Super pungent, fruity and gassy! Can’t go wrong with this one.
Tue Oct 13 2020
Good strain. Made me feel a fun body high, but not enough to make me anxious. Made me talkative and overall a great time. Good quality first time bud
Mon Aug 17 2020
Dope flower!
Wed Jun 17 2020
Bought from Kamloops government cannabis store in June, about a month after its May20/20 packaging. It's dark little bits of mini popcorn size scraps. It stinks like hell when you open the jar, and I am not impressed.
Thu Jul 25 2019
I picked up a gram of this at 21.6% and I looove the strong indica effect! Perfect for knocking me out so I can get some sleep I slept like a baby and didn't wake up once during the night! & I have insomnia ...so AWESOME!
Wed Jun 26 2019
1/8th Purchased 6/25/2019 BC Cannabis Store, Kamloops Packaged 11/8/28 Lot #383L3 Total THC 20.2% This most certainly does not have a skunky smell. It almost reminds me of Vicks Vaporub. Unlike other Redecan bud Ive purchased this is spongy and still feels like it has moisture left in it. I was also surprised to find a 2g bud in the jar and not just tiny popcorn buds and that this 1/8 weighed heavy (3.56g). The buds are a nice light camo green with orange hairs, well manicured and caked in crystal. So far Ive only tried this using a gravity lung (smoking) and found it to be fairly smooth going down and a tickle on the exhale. Not much of a smell or taste, nothing stands out. It does not burn clean. Im left with half burned black ash and a lair of "cake" that has to be burned or scraped off the screen after every hit. Not particularly impressed
Mon Feb 11 2019
On the OCS website Redecan's Wappa is described as having "a strong yet sweet aroma that verges on skunkiness", but I got to agree with the others around here, I didn't get any "skunkiness" so if you feel that's some kind of false advertising then I get where you're coming from. However I did get hints of the sweetness, and the batch I got was an impressively strong batch at 22% THC. The end result was an effect that's a touch too strong for my preference, and surprisingly (for an Indica) not something I'd suggest using as a sleep aid. If you're looking for a strong Indica, and don't mind a little couch lock, then this product delivers, but I prefer an effect that's a little less intense.