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Blaspberry Gummies 10mg 5-pack

by San Rafael '71

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San Rafael '71 Edibles Candy Blaspberry Gummies 10mg 5-pack

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

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About this product

Ponder the mythical existence of the fabled blue-raspberry, the flavour that has confounded humans for generations. Or, sit back and enjoy this Indica dominant gummy, chockfull of potent high-quality cannabinoid extract (with almost no cannabis taste), and tangy berry taste. The choice is yours.

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About this brand

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San Rafael '71 is for those who want to skip the bull$&^%. Generally higher in THC, it's for those who already know what quality cannabis tastes, smells and feels like. We can't say much about ourselves, but if you know your stuff, you'll know us soon enough.