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Balance Dried Flower

Balance Dried Flower

by Solei

11 customer reviews


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It’s good. Nice and relaxing. Bit of a dizzy head but I’m new to smoking weed.

Not my favorite low THC high CBD indica. It may just be my preference though - definitely something to relax with and carries almost no feeling of fuzzy head

I am super paranoid when I smoke weed usually. I have body pain, migraines and severe anxiety and can't find relief from anything. This is the first weed I have smoked that helped me feel at ease, uplifted, pain free and dare I say happy! The taste isn't too harsh and the high is really melow. Definitely would recommend for apprehensive smokers.

The strain is “Nordle” (Afghani x Skunk). Very controllable due to it’s low THC content and very pain and stress relieving due to the matching CBD. Great strain to smoke after a tough day before going to bed.

One of the first strains I have tried, still the best. It starts with a calming effect, then a focus. Good for people who have trouble focusing on a task, or for help with anxiety in social situations when you feel over stimulated.

Great, good body feel, less potent and more controllable

Good for mild sedation and unwinding for bed. Very standard experience, but definitely could be a solid choice for a new smoker looking for something that won't be too overwhelming. I feel this strain has alot of potential to treat anxiety attacks. It relaxes like a classic indica but the thc content is low enough that a person could still be functional. I think a one hitter pipe would be useful for this application.

This is a really good strain for if you want a nice chill high. It's definitely not the strongest strain out there, chronic users may find it a bit weak, but the high CBD content along with a lower THC content make for a pretty relaxing time. I'd definitely recommend this for people that are new to cannabis. If you are looking to get super cheeched, this probably wont do it for you

My second favourite strain so far. Amazing taste and great relaxing feeling right after vaping. Would recommend to anyone. I have gotten friends that would rather stay as far away from cannabis as humanly possible to enjoy it with me.

A fantastic CBD dominant strain, that still has enough THC in it to bring even more relaxation and sleepiness. Perfect strain to smoke after a long day or stressful afternoon. Not going to get you buzzed like a THC focused strain, but overall just more at ease