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by Solei

4 customer reviews


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Yup she’s in my top 5 I’d say. Solei sense has been pretty wicked each time I’ve toked it. Usually with a greasy bong, I can still taste the good in it. sometimes I’ll pick up the pre roll. Sweet head high, lifts my mood and euphoric, helps me get focused and creative with whatever I wanna do. Nice little body Zingy too, whatever that is. Not a lazy bone body stone for me.

Tried Sense (purchased 2g from The Niagara Herbalist) with my fiance. The nugs were a bit dry, but.. Once ground, the smell was heavenly. Loaded our vapes, and did about 3-5 mins on our vapes. The taste was really nice, the citrus was really strong (which is good, because I love the citrus strains). I do suggest that you pay close attention to the strength of the strain, and how long your session is going... I literally COULD NOT MOVE for 30 - 45 mins after turning my vape off... This is not for the weak of constitution. But this is a REALLY nice strain. Overall.

I got some from Alberta Cannabis, and it's really cool, I can't remember when I smoked this quality of weed before. :)

I just received my shipment of this from BCCS and I have to say, that I really like the flavor and smell of this particular strain. Not to imposing on the nose (quite pleasant) when it comes to scent. Aromatic, with some citrusy/sour smell with an ever so slight earthyness to it. The flavor is very smooth in taste as well. Not harsh on the lungs when taking a toke or two. BCCS ships really fast and I really like the way the packing is done as well (both the product and the shipment method). I've been using medicinal Cannabis for pain treatment since 2016. I switched over to Cannabis because I didn't want the addiction to manufactured pain killers with opiods. Each day I battle with this pain, mostly in my Sciatic nerve roots. Or, I definitely feel it in my trapezius muscles like someone is sticking me with hot iron pokers. Either way, you get the pain point. So, Cannabis seems to do a pretty good job with pushing this pain back and allowing me to function. As for this particular strains effects, I'm a Chronic Pain patient these days (MVA back in 2014...got broad-sided driver side.) This is my first time trying this brand and strain. It has a really nice head effect. It comes on nice and slow. It doesn't seem to have the sedative effects that my THC based strains have had (couch lock). I've only smoked about a quarter of this doob and wow; what a feeling. I started smoking it around 3:45 PM and it's now just after 4:00 PM. And it appears to have taken full effect at this point. It makes me feel very focused. It appears to be more cerebral as to what part of my body I feel it in or notice it the most. It has this kind of reverberating feeling in the head. But, not a bad feeling, just kind of floating along type of feeling with a bit of clarity. I find myself wanting to proof read my comments here very closely while the effects are kicking in. I hope this helps?