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by Symbl Cannabis

11 customer reviews


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Wed Jun 26 2019
Dreamweaver by Symbl (MK Ultra) is a "dream".... Dry herb vaped about an hour before bed will have you very relaxed and simply content. Be ready though, if you like to hit it hard before I do, by the end of that first hour you're going to drift off to lala-land. I like this bud.
Wed Jun 05 2019
Very nice and relaxed energy!
Sun Dec 30 2018
A great high. New user here who has been exploring different strains. When first smoking this strain, initially felt awkward and weird the first two times. After smoking a third, I feel great. Jamming to music and surfing the net...goodtimes. Smoked in a pipe, burned well. Packaging was nice, buds looked beautiful and the smell is a heavenly scent. Will buy again, defintiley great for dreaming and resting. Im happy.
Thu Dec 20 2018
Purchased 1g Dreamweaver from OCS. Received 1 nug. Very dry. Silly large container that allowed the bud to be knocked about and loose trichomes. HARSH! and I used it in a Vape pen. Given it's harshness, can't say anything about flavour. It seems in the rush to fill orders, Symbl didn't properly cure it. Potent and arousing. Used it before bed so can't say much about other effects. Would not buy this again from Symbl, given it's poor cure.
Sun Dec 02 2018
This is a strain I don't use often. Its reserved for when I want a dreamy high. And it works. Perfectly. I love the feeling. And it lasts too. Its a not a care in the world high. The last time I used this strain I slept most of the next day except for going to get a coffee. Anything on my agenda never happened not that I cared. I didn't get couch lock. But, in a dream state for sure. I used this in a dry herb vape.
Sat Nov 10 2018
This knocked me and my boyfriend out. Who might I add has a hard time falling asleep. The two times I’ve used it I’ve fallen into a deep sleep.
Thu Nov 08 2018
Me: light user. Recently started vaping with a pax3. Purchased 1g Dreamweaver from OCS. Received 1 big nug and two tiny ones. A little dry, but that's better for a Pax. Took a few minutes to hit; the high was pleasant but hard to describe - hyper focus, but no concern or anxiety about whatever I was thinking about - it just "was". And then something else would catch my attention. Couch-lock not too bad. Mundane tasks totally occupied my attention while doing them. Highly aroused with increased physical sensitivity. Slept well, but feeling a little muddy, like a mild hangover. No lasting feelings of uplift.
Wed Nov 07 2018
Not a fan of this strain, micro-dosed a 0.05 got pretty high and literally hated everything I was doing. Crashed moderately well after about 2.5 hours though the strain didn't really make me that sleepy, moderately focused slightly not overly paranoid with elements of content... I don't know what this strain is good for, the only benefit really is a day or two after not vaping anything I felt quite good and focused. I suppose this strain is good for showing you how insignificant you can be in the universe so might serve a purpose for people with depression trying to deprogram, but to be honest find a better strain. I had to give this a one star because I have literally no aspiration to ever try this one again.
Fri Nov 02 2018
Not an often user but I love this product! It feels so good! I feel light, happy and relaxed! Will buy again
Thu Nov 01 2018
This was the first real strain I've tried. Weed became legal, so I bought a couple different kinds. I haven't smoked in probably 12 years, and I honestly must have been smoking ditch weed or something back then. I would just buy what the guy had. I had no idea weed could do this to you. I was totally at peace, I could see every problem in my life and not care, because there is always a solution. I also cleaned my whole house, but kind of in slow motion while listening to music ( which was amazing). I got it from the ocs eventually, and I hope this review helps you newbies like me. Oh, and I was just so happy and smiling for like 4 hours. I love this right now, I'll see if it holds up the second time around.