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White Widow

White Widow

by Tilray

4 customer reviews


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(vision seeds)- veryy frosty big compact nugs from multiple topping which the plant loves. very vigorous plant once doubled the size of the rest quickly. any bug that goes near it gets stuck in the thick layer of trichomes. oddly flowered a week faster than northern lights also which puts the 'icing' on the cake :P the taste however felt it lacked the complexity/uniqueness of the northern lights however and doesn't really rank in my "tastiest" strains (completely subjective) but has top grade bag appeal

Una sepa algo cítrica y un toque picante o spice. No la recomiendo recreativa activa, es mas para rejalacion,quitar la ansiedad y ayuda a encontrar el sueño. Muy buena a la hora de dormir o para tener sexo. Los efectos de la white widow los comunes , resequedad en la boca, ojos rojos y hambre. Yo soy del caribe y todo el año es buena época para la siembra del white widow. En mi caso desde el día de la siembra hasta la cosecha y secado tardo casi 6 meses, en condiciones de exterior.

Gives you the high of a sativa without anxiety

This strain was amazing. I found while smoking this little buddy that I had a burst of energy to get a bunch of my evening tasks done; like dishes, dinner, getting ready for the next day of work, etc. and gave me the end relaxation I needed to sink into my bed and fall asleep. The start burst of energy gets me pushed through the evening while the end of the stone gets me my good night's sleep. Totally recommend this if you have a tough time getting through your evening after a long day of work! Yay adulting for the wicked! #420sweepstake