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by Tweed

12 customer reviews


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their stuff is decent but Best canadian site iv tired yet. https://cheapcanna.net/ their 500 half lb stuff is amazing for the price. also got many options.

when i smoke a lil of this product it makes me get high af who els high af

I smoked a 1/4g Bakerstreet rolled into a perfectly compact and slim joint out on my back deck. I rolled about a half gram but only smoked half of the joint. And, I had a great time! But I smoke a few times a week; beginners, this might not be the strain for you. It really is quite potent, while increasing your focus. For me, smoking Bakerstreet was calming, with a delayed sedative effect after a period of intense focus. I wrote the below portion of my review while enjoying the strongest portion of the high for me: 15 - 75 minutes after smoking: I roasted my joint like a hotdog and quickly pulled a fast drag into my mouth to burn away the paper lingering. I pushed the smoke out, took a sip of tea and immediately, but carefully pulled a slow stream of smoke into my expanding lungs. I paused. It had burned smooth and looked almost precarious now, delicately balanced between my fingers. I could see it dimly glowing orange beneath lingering white ash particles. I looked up at my neigjbourhood around me, and with careful, deliberate control, sloely exhaled. After my first draw I knew this bud was a good time. I could feel the moisture of the smoke lingering around me. It was a heavy, earthy kind of smell, dull and lingering. It reminded me of camping in the pine woods but softer, like what you imagined a tundra, or highland, with juniper trees scattered sparsely over the landscape would smell like. I realized later, that while I smoked I had very slowly, inperceptibly been sinking into my body. The sneak of the relaxation was unscrupulous, objective, inevitable and slowly relentless. With each inhale my body was relaxing. I made it up to my bathtub for a warm bath after a quick detour through the kitchen... and as I was drawing my bath, I felt my body - I was so aware - I felt all the parts of me that had been growing in my conscienceness. The relase and relaxation came quickly, and powerfully. I settled into my bath with my wine and relaxed with a deliberate focus. I began to write this review. It has now been an hour since I started flying and I am done writing. I feel a warm, slow sleepiness growing in my limbs and brain. I feel my body melting and I know now, that it is time for bed and deep sleep. Goodnight, and take care!

Baker street is a good smoke for pain and bed, I use it to get a grip on my anxiety and panic attacks instead of benzos.

Great for bedtime!

Tweeds Bakerstreet is similar to the nice Kosher Kush from DNA genetics (also grown by Tweed) that i had. Similar in that its a decently potent and strong indica ! This one differs from Kosher Kush in that its not as strong and there is no heavy presence of bergamotene or early grey tea. But instead, this does kind of taste like gin / juniper berries !

“WHOA!” Definitely not for the beginner, nor the very infrequent smoker; OR, if you’re already inebriated on another substance (alcohol/psychedelics, specifically)—because this strain packs a serious punch. The bud I smoked registered 20%THC, 0.05%CBD, and the following observations come from two separate sessions, via vaping & water-pipe (starting completely sober). It’s strains like this which have made me really embrace vaping, as opposed to more traditional forms of smoking. Using a vape renders a smooth, highly favourable hit. You can really taste/smell the citrus notes. I used a PAX 3, with the ½ hit chamber accessory, and got 5 nice hits, on the BOOST setting. Immediately hit very hard, and was extremely stoned for about 50minutes. Mind was very relaxed, with no feelings of paranoia, or anxiety. Physical activity was dramatically reduced—I was melted to my couch for a good 2 ½ hours before I felt like getting up. Using the water-pipe produced similar effects, with the obvious note that it produced a much, much higher stone, initially. Expect to feel very light-headed, for approximately 40-60 seconds after clearing that first bowl. I would recommend this for: - sleep issues - migraines - inducing hunger - pain relief - meditation - sitting around a campfire - binge-watching TV/Movies - first-person video games - smoking with less than 3-4 people Will purchase again

from Tweedon December 4th, 2019

Hi, Skibeedee. Bakerstreet tends to induce a "WHOA"-like reaction in many customers. This high THC lady is most suited for a more experienced cannabis user but works great for new users when inhaled low and slow. Actually, let's have everyone go low and slow with Bakerstreet. Your recommendations for activities that pair well are right up our alley. Don't forget the snacks. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

Bakerstreet is smooth without any strong odor. It has high THC and aromas of citrus, rose and juniper. For pain relief relaxation and sleep it is great, it also helps your appetite. Do not come down this street if you are looking for a wild ride with fireworks and psychedelic trips. If that is what you want you will be disappointed and should try something else. I have degenerative disk disease with chronic pain making it impossible to sleep. Bakerstreet does what I need. It starts out like a warm wave that flows through me from head to toe. Then m face starts to tingle and I feel mildly amused with the occasional urge to laugh at nothing. I then start to relax and sink into whatever peace of furniture is handy, In fact I feel like I could morph into a kitchen sink. I then only want to be, not caring about anything. This is where the heavy sleepiness kicks in. Sweet Dreams!

Baker Street from Hindu kush genetics of sorts. Smokes clean and smells good the effects are mediocre too high. For the average smoker I'm sure it will make them happy but if you are a connoisseur searching for some quad genetics this is not the one. The price point really ain't fair for the quality received in my opinion.

Oh yeah yeah

from Tweedon June 4th, 2019

Hi, Reggae. Oh yeah yeah is right.