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Bakerstreet & Ginger

Bakerstreet & Ginger

by Tweed

6 customer reviews


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Lighter ginger flavor than I expected, leaves you feeling sorta fuzzy. Slight cannabis flavor at the end. Really nice!

Really nice, light ginger flavour and not too sweet! Would much rather enjoy this than any cooler at a bar. Leaves you with what I find to be a very nice warm body glow. And stuff.

Sweeter than the Houndstooth, with more calories. But really love how the ginger compliments the terpenes. It's definitely tasty and the effects are great.

Imagine Canada Dry with a nipple ring Assertive cannabis flavour which I loved Tasted like guava , ginger and tropical nectar Little to no buzz after one can Would love to see higher THC content

Not my favourite and I love Bakerstreet weed 😓 Hoped this would be a ginger ale with a slight weed kick, more like straight weed with a hint of ginger ale, definitely won’t buy again but could see the draw if you shotgun it quick

It starts with the taste of terpenes that last about a second and a wave of ginger taste comes in and takes over. I'm a regular joint smoker, I barely do edibles. I smoke around 3-5 g/day. I felt a little dizziness in my head after 3 minutes. I chugged the first can because it tasted so good and I was thirsty. The aftertaste is ginger. I personally love the taste of cannabis and ginger together. After 10 minutes I started to feel a body buzz and calmness took over my body. It lasted for 3 hours and it was consistent. I didn't have the 'burnt out' feeling after, and my appetite was normal as well. I will definitely buy it again.