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Twenty20 Mendocino Cannabis Seeds Snowcaine
Twenty20 Mendocino Cannabis Seeds Snowcaine
Twenty20 Mendocino Cannabis Seeds Snowcaine
Twenty20 Mendocino Cannabis Seeds Snowcaine
Twenty20 Mendocino Cannabis Seeds Snowcaine


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About this product

Snowcaine was first released in the Michigan Phenohunt Challenge. 10 highly skilled cultivators competed in an epic contest that doubled as a collaboration. The seed lineage was not revealed to the challengers until mid contest. The contest, which officially ends in Feb 2020 will reveal the challenger with the best skills and the best phenotype. This strain has absolutely ridiculous resin production. The terpene profile is out of this world and smells like citrus hand cleaner, lemonade, fresh cut roses, and sweet tarts. The long lasting and euphoric effects of this strain are phenomenal. The original supply is extremely limited so don’t sleep on these.

About this brand

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At Twenty20, We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t cut corners. Our premium seeds are a testament to our exceptional genetic lineup, coupled with years of scrupulous selective breeding.

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Thu Jan 23 2020
Snowcaine has some flower with bag appeal thats enough to interest even the most discerning consumer. Beautiful medium sized buds with very few leaves and and a glittering coat of massive trichomes make for a flower that is almost too pretty to smoke. Mossy and light shades of green are freckled with purple-tipped leaves and buds. The density of Snowcaine #7 is immediately apparent just by looking at its thick and conic structure which is characteristic of strains with an OG Kush heritage. This flower has a sweet, piney, and creamy smell that is incredibly pleasing; sweet berries and fresh pine needles waft from the flower after being broken up. These dominant scents are underscored by sour citrus and gas making for an aroma that is hard to pull away from. The scent translates well into an amazingly delicious and complex flavor. The smoke is almost syrupy sweet and thick with strong pine, sour citrus, and grapey berries mingling together. Snowcaine does not falter in its potency; this strain is extremely strong and could make a seasoned smoker cough. One can expect a burst of energy and mild physical relaxation to be followed by a trance-y and couch lock prone high. The energy and mood elevation make this a great strain to consume with friends and the come down is smooth enough not to wreck your day. For the grower expect a quick veg and flower time. Some phenos can be taken as early as 7 weeks.