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About this product

50's large, dense buds are coated in silvery-white trichomes. Grown in Great Emerald Hall, hand-sorted, hand finished, and generally very pampered by our grow team, this strain matches it's roots well with emerald green and purple hues. Terpenes like Myrcene, Beta Pinene and Alpha Pinene give 50 an earthy wood taste and a sour lemon scent with pine undertones.

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Purchased 9 December 2019. Packed in May. After 7 months in storage even the unusually sturdy heat seal failed to prevent the contents' total dessication and much of the original aroma has also sadly dissipated. What remains is a faintly car-sick (but not skunky) diesel midrange, linked in my experience with certain fast-growing, lower-potency varieties. The buds were mostly large, dense, intact and well-trimmed, but not conspicuously resinous. The label said 12.4%, and a puff or 6 gave no surprises: effects are pleasant but mild and short-lived, making this a possible choice for functional/daytime use, low tolerance/occasional consumers. I'm a little puzzled a producer like Up (I was impressed by their Meridian) would grow this variety and I doubt it'll move unless priced closer to $20.

About this brand

Up Cannabis Logo
We’re Up! We’re Canadian and proud of it! Every day we strive to live by our Canadian values; keeping it real, being inclusive, having a good time (but trust us, we’re serious about Cannabis), and being good…oh, we also have some friends in a little band called The Tragically Hip, because we know how much you all love music. So, what makes our products different? We are laser focused on the recreational market. From the start, we thought about the consumer; developing a simple and consistent product line up for all moods and moments. With 444 quality checks we are able to take “consistent” and “safe” to new levels of obsession. With our connection to the Hip, music is in everything we do. Our plants are grown on tunes. Yup! Research has shown musical vibrations helps increase photosynthesis yielding denser buds richer in trichomes. Translated into no-nerd speak: our buds are their absolute best after listening to their favorite jams. We grow out of two premium facilities: indoor at our 14,000 square foot Centuries Ahead Studio™ - home to Meridian, our iconic, hand-trimmed Sativa. And our hybrid greenhouse, Great Emerald Hall™, currently produces gems like Gems and Moon with the state-of-the-art Dutch Tray System. Great Emerald Hall will double to 40,000kg upon completion of our expansion in 2019 and will make the facility, 360,000 square feet (the size of 21 hockey rinks!) by the end of 2019.