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About this product

Gems is our high trichome hybrid sativa-dominant premium flower grown in our Great Emerald Hall in the Niagara region. Gems is hand-finished, hand-sorted and managed throughout the entire growth cycle with the state-of-the-art Dutch Tray System. This hybrid produces impressive buds that are blanketed with white, crystal-capped trichomes along with vibrant orange hairs. This flower exudes a pleasant fruity aroma.

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Nice solid head buzz, great aroma out of the container. Smoke is smooth and earthy.


Probably should be closer to a 4.5 rating. It's a really cool high. I felt super alert and focused, without the worry of paranoia or any anxiety. I definitely felt like I'd slept for 48 hours- so high energy. I'd probably smoke it before a workout or if I needed to house clean, or at a party. The high also lasted a little longer than two hours. The smell is really cool too. Only downfall is that the burn out was kind of heavy. It was like hitting a wall. I'll try it again tomorrow though and go for a workout and see if the burn out is still severe.

About this brand

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We’re Up! We’re Canadian and proud of it! Every day we strive to live by our Canadian values; keeping it real, being inclusive, having a good time (but trust us, we’re serious about Cannabis), and being good…oh, we also have some friends in a little band called The Tragically Hip, because we know how much you all love music. So, what makes our products different? We are laser focused on the recreational market. From the start, we thought about the consumer; developing a simple and consistent product line up for all moods and moments. With 444 quality checks we are able to take “consistent” and “safe” to new levels of obsession. With our connection to the Hip, music is in everything we do. Our plants are grown on tunes. Yup! Research has shown musical vibrations helps increase photosynthesis yielding denser buds richer in trichomes. Translated into no-nerd speak: our buds are their absolute best after listening to their favorite jams. We grow out of two premium facilities: indoor at our 14,000 square foot Centuries Ahead Studio™ - home to Meridian, our iconic, hand-trimmed Sativa. And our hybrid greenhouse, Great Emerald Hall™, currently produces gems like Gems and Moon with the state-of-the-art Dutch Tray System. Great Emerald Hall will double to 40,000kg upon completion of our expansion in 2019 and will make the facility, 360,000 square feet (the size of 21 hockey rinks!) by the end of 2019.