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Vaporbrothers Vaporizer (VB1)

Vaporbrothers Vaporizer (VB1)

by Vaporbrothers, Inc.

8 customer reviews


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Tue Jun 23 2020
I bought my father who is a Korean War vet his first vapor brothers in 2003. When the older metal coil burned out they upgraded hin to the ceramic coil. The device lasted a decade untl it was lost in the move after my father got lymphoma and I moved him to a state with me where patients can grow and take marijuana legally. The. VB device allows my dad to take in cannabis for hismental and physical well being without the coughing which racks his body from smoke. When he recently contacted VB to see about a veteran discount they have generously offered him a VB that is used for a fraction. We have seen VBs customer service for almost 20 years, great product, better people !
Mon Apr 13 2020
I have MS and use flowers to ease pain, tremors, wasting and to sleep well. With the pandemic starting in January, I was worried about the effect of smoke on my lungs and how it would put me at much higher risk. I found a vaporizer that looked like this and ordered it. The company (not VaporBros) took my money and disappeared without sending the box! Turns out several other sellers had reviews telling the same story. Then I found Vaporbrothers. They clearly have a great reputation and they corresponded with me to making me feel much more secure. I ordered and received the beautiful, high-quality vaporizer in just days. They might have saved my life! Thank you Vaporbrothers!
Sat Jul 13 2019
This is a part from my testimony about my fight with stage 3 lung cancer, I was told not to inhail cannabis due to worries over fungal infections turns out the boiling point of CBD and THC are higher than the dieing point of fungus, I started with a cheap little vape. More and more cannabis became my savior, the vape gave me time to smoke before I went in for radiation treatment, the team was great, they were up beat, and we jested back and forth. Radiation treatment was not bad, the machine was annoying, but in a way that kind of made me look inside or lol was it the weed. By this time we had gone from 220 a ounce on the st. to 220 for two ounces from a dispensary we would later drop that even further and smoking more. Radiation left me cooked and I mean that seriously, by the end of it I knew what a chicken feels like in the microwave, chemotherapy. Again I attribute my pulling through this with very few issues here is one place the Dr's got it wrong! They told me in the very beginning that anyway I took cannabis was fine as long as I was not inhaling it. It turns out eating it can actually interfere with the chemo. As I went through all these treatments traveling to another city every day, we settled into growing our own plants, trying extracts, and I was gifted a vaporbrothers v1 and a bunch of glassware. I was like a kid at Christmas, with in seconds I had it out of the box, figured out how it went together and loaded with blue dream. It was love at first puff, very quickly it became my go to for therapy against therapy. I keep it directly next to my seat, it is a permanent fixture in my living room. I am now cancer free after two years of treatment, not only has it served me through all of the pain and sickness that sometimes hit me, but it has caused some very interesting conversations all ending with the person trying it and falling in love. I will continue to use my desktop v1 till it dies or I do.
Wed Jun 26 2019
I’m writing about the high performance water hydrator. This glass piece is the best thing since sliced bread. Makes you able to taste all the flavors of your herb. Well priced and built solid in USA. This company is the pioneer of desktop vaporizers and they stand by their products. Every thing they make and sold is sold and meant to stand time ( if maintained properly). Happy vaping and I’ll continue to enjoy your products for life!!
Sun Apr 28 2019
First, it is way overpriced. I have seen them advertised for about $60. Secondly, it crumbled away near the heating element. I would not buy another.
Mon Feb 11 2019
I’ve owned 3 of these and am planning to buy a 4th. The previous three have been given to friends or sold. I have no intention of getting a different comoany’s vaporizer. Vapor Brothers is THE original desktop vape and you can’t really improve on perfection. The Volcano is nice because of its bag apparatus (if you’re into that) but otherwise all other vaporizers are just imitators. Made in the USA, Vapor Brothers is out of LA or Venice Beach or Santa Monica I believe (somewhere around there). The design is so good and so simple. The whip comes in a variety of options. The price isn’t too high. If you like well-made and minimalistic design along with high functionality and longevity then this is the way to go. Only downside is that the LEDs can burn out if you just leave your vape on all the time like me. Pretty sure Vapor Brothers will repair them if you send it in though.
Tue Jan 26 2016
Practical. Affordable. Reliable. Easy to keep clean. (Glass components can be cleaned separately with alcohol and salt.) Once you're relaxed with the process it is easy. (Not the right vaporizer if you're usually in a hurry.) Plug it in. Push the dial on the front to turn it on. Dial up desired temp. Wait 3-4 min. Connect the glass tube/bowl (with rubber tube extension and mouthpiece) in which you've placed ground up flower and draw slowly. Turn it up higher (345+) while it's heating and then turn down (around 312) when you connect the tube. The right temp can vary depending on the desired effect and the amount of moisture in the flower. Do not overfill and do not let it sit with the heat on and flower loaded for too long. In both instances you are likely to cause the flower to actually burn and you've defeated the point of using a vaporizer. (Drawing really hard with the heat set high can also cause burning.) Easy to tell when you're getting smoke instead of vapor. Smoke becomes thick, bright white, and opaque. BTW, keep a narrow paint brush with short stiff bristles handy. It's useful for cleaning the screen where the ground flower sits. Negative - the design of the heating element makes it too easy for flower to fall onto it. Note: Have not tried other more expensive tabletop models to compare this too but it seems to work just fine.