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Kent County Kush

by Vertical

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Vertical Cannabis Flower Kent County Kush

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Kent County Kush is a proprietary, indica dominant hybrid strain named after the county where it is grown. This Blueberry-cross has a hoppy, fruity and citrus aroma.

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The bud was a on the dry side, it definitely needs re-hydration but I've had dryer. Buds were tight and dense and dime size. The smell was comforting; pine, woodsy earthy notes. It reminded of the forest, cutting wood and fires. The smoke was smooth no burn or cough. I've shared one bowl with my husband and had a wake n bake and I'm happily stoned. It has some weight to it, I felt it over my eyelids almost instantly. I find it so far sedating and relaxing but also dreamy and creative. For myself this is a good after dinner Indica.

Very sedating. The only thing keeping this review from a 5 star is the fact that vertical also grows an amazing cold creek kush. At 19.5% this strain whooped my ass. I was discounted to $35 after tax, because it was an old batch, but the freshness was still there. Very very dense nugs that bust out to an amazing moist herb. Thanks vertical :’)

About this brand

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Whether you’re hanging with friends or flying solo, it’s all about feeling confident in knowing you’re enjoying and sharing the best, every time. That’s why we put all of our expertise into finding new ways to grow, harvest and cure premium strains to share and enjoy. Choose Vertical, and choose consistent, premium quality you can count on.