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Dry Sift Aluminum Keif Pollen Screens

by Wacky Willys

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Wacky Willys Other Miscellaneous Dry Sift Aluminum Keif Pollen Screens


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 km.

About this product

Huge Dry Sift Screens 36"X24", industrial strength trimming and collecting screens. Wacky Willy’s Dry Sift Screen 4 PC set features 4 different micron sizes: 250, 165, 149 and 75. Use the first screen and then subsequent screens to filter your herb further and further to sift and separate your product grades falling through the screen extraction process. Aluminum Dry Sift Polyester Screens, awesome for drying, trimming, and crystal collection. Wacky’s huge screen size is perfect for industrial strength trimming, collecting and extracting the pure resinous glands from your trim. This 4 screen dry sift system will help you achieve optimum purity and maximum yield. Make dry sift hash for rosin tec with ease. Dry sift screens are used to collect pure glandular head plant crystals from dried trim to make dry sift, then rosin. These screens will quickly and efficiently extract contaminant from your heads to purify your hash. Wacky screens are food grade designed with 100 % aluminum frames with 100% polyester mesh screen professionally stretched to fit on the aluminum framework tightly. Specifications: 4 PC SET – 36″ x 25″ x 2″ each – 4 monofilament polyester screens: 250 micron 165 micron 149 micron and 75 micron -All welded aluminum frames see more info at www.wackywillysweb.com

About this brand

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With over 30 years behind the art and science of herbal botanical extraction, filtration and decarboxylation, Wacky Willy continues to offer everything required to process raw herbal plant, cannabis bud and flower into medicinal tinctures, edibles, butters, creams, oils, hash and rosin. Wacky Willy’s innovations provide a wide range of hygienic food and medical grade lab quality stainless steel and mesh extraction and filtration products. Whether extracting whole plants or terpenes; our premium all mesh bubble filtration bags and stainless steel equipment along with Wacky Willy’s tip and tricks instructional guides, will ensure that your bountiful harvest is turned into the finest quality yield for premium health, wellness and enjoyment.

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