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Avatar for anyankaemanuela

Really enjoyed this strain. It smells and tastes amazing first off. My husband described it as chamomile tea with honey and it reminded me of candy or fruit snacks. Either way it came off sweet, and I think honey actually captures it best. Effects started pretty quick after I vaporized. My mind got pretty crisp and focused and I started getting chatty. I felt like my brain was speeding up but I had no problem keeping up. I could see this being a great daytime choice. I felt a lot of energy and wanted to dance. Sex was enhanced like it always is for me (I always have the heightened arousal effect) then afterwards my husband and I sat down to watch Pineapple Express and enjoyed it thoroughly. Sometimes when I'm high I misunderstand the actors emotions or facial expressions cause I get too overly focused on things, but with this I was able to follow everything perfectly but had great bouts of giggling randomly throughout the movie (doesn't hurt that it's a perfect movie to watch while high of course). By the end of the night I felt ready for bed and fell asleep feeling really great. A perfect cycle I think. Plenty of energy earlier in the night and a very subtle and smooth ride back down which prepares you for a perfect night of sleep. It'll take a few more tries to cement this as a top strain for me, but if it's consistent I'd put it as one of my favorites.